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North Sentinel Island Has the Last Unconnected People on Earth 🌎


North Sentinel Island looks like any other idyllic spot in the Indian Ocean. Fringed with beaches and crystal cobalt waters, it lies in the Andaman archipelago of the Bay of Bengal.

Earth is a very massive planet that has come a long way through our technological advances. It may be hard to believe that there are people who don’t know about a cell phone or computer. Although it has become a known fact that there aren't any uncharted places left, with the exception being the North Sentinel Island. The island is part of the Andaman group of islands in the Bay of Bengal.

You may wonder how those inhabited on the island haven't come to learn from us. The Sentinels keep any individual trying to come into contact at bay with bows, spears, and arrows. They have kept the island secure from intruders for as long as 60,000 years and are thought to be the first descendants from the Africans. Having been unknown doesn't play a part in the Sentinels' hostility. The hostile nature of the Sentinels saved their culture and them from possible extinction. The longevity of this tribe dates back in writings to Marco Polo. Many ships seem to land ashore every so often, with no luck of a peaceful encounter. Although, distant observation is conducted leading to more information about the tribe. Through observational data, we have learned their diet consists of fish which are found along the shore. Fruits, lizards, tubers, and honey are also consumed. Turtles and birds count as their source of meat. A hunter/gatherer lifestyle is lived because they have no knowledge of agriculture. Even though this tribe doesn’t live the same lifestyle as the rest of us, they do stand a chance. Through many storms it was thought that the tribe wouldn’t have survived, until a tsunami hit and tested their strength. The people of the Island had moved to higher ground before disaster had arrived. Proving they aren't as clueless as many thought. Numerous people say that the tribe will be wiped out by bacterial contamination or any sort of illness, but they have proved their willingness to survive. It's appalling the tribe seeks no help even in the most drastic conditions. I wonder how they view those making an attempt to contact. Having little to no understanding would make us seem like vultures. In regards to that fact, the Indian Government has recognized the island as a sovereign entity and makes it an initiative to be left undisturbed. It might be the best choice to make, since it would be hard for them to adapt to the modern world and they wouldn't be immune to all of the diseases.

Fast Facts!

  1. The population is between 20 and 400 people.
  2. North Sentinel is the most secluded place on earth.
  3. The tribe speaks an indecipherable language.


The metal tipped bows carried by the Sentinels are carved out of wrecked ships and their canoes are built to work in shallow water. As seen above, a helicopter hovers above the Sentinels, ready to defend their island.


The 28 square mile island is roughly the size of Manhattan and is low-lying, heavily forested and protected by a barrier of coral reefs.

As seen from Google earth, you can see the wreck of primrose on the reef. You can't see the Sentinels home from above since they're hidden by the trees.

Real Footage of the Tribe

People attempting to make contact with the tribe but are greeted with bows and arrows.

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North Sentinel Island Has the Last Unconnected People on Earth 🌎
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