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One Night in Iceland

What to Do with 26 Hours in Keflavik, Iceland

So I was going on a holiday, and it turns out that we needed a stop over for the airplane. The cheapest and fastest option was Iceland. So on our way back we decided to stop there for more then a couple hours. We had 26 hours in Keflavik, Iceland to do what we wanted with. In all honesty, I had gotten pretty sick at this point on our holiday, and wasn't really up for a lot, but we still had a great time. The city is about an hour drive out of the capital, Reykjavik, and it is the closest to the major airport there. It's small, but really suited for tourists who only have a small amount of time. Being beside the airport, there are many touristy things that have popped up in the city, meaning that if you only have a day, there are still many options for what to do with it. Here is how our day went.

Stay somewhere nice.

We decided that one of the hotels beside the airport was just too touristy and far too close to the airport for what we needed. So instead, we decided to go for a bed and breakfast: Raven's Bed and Breakfast. It was a 20-minute drive from the airport, and was also much nicer then the airport hotels. It was also closer into town, so we could walk to dinner, and it was closer to many of the activity options for the next morning. The extra cost was worth it for us. I would highly recommend Raven's Bed and Breakfast. They had a hot tub we could use and breakfast was included. In all staying here was a very good decision for our trip.

The great drink we had: Orange juice.

Go out locally for dinner.

We decided that we didn't want to go to one of the touristy places for dinner. Instead we wanted something local and seafood. We got a free ride form the owner of the B'n'B to a local great seafood place. The name was all Icelandic, the sever barely spoke any english, we didn't know the exchange rate, and we had a great meal. It was honestly some of the best seafood that I have ever had. The menu was all Icelandic with english under most of the food options, though it wasn't always the best translation. We walked back to the B'n'B from the restaurant, which was a nice was to see some of the city. It was also three degrees outside so the walk was a little cold.

Hot tubs for the win!

When we got back to our B'n'B, we had the lovely opportunity to go into the hot tub. We had packed bathing suits knowing that there would be a hot tub for us on the trip. The hot tub itself was outside, in a little wooden fenced in back yard. You could see the night sky, which was brilliant with stars. There was a changing room with a lock on the door going out to the hot tub, so it was private. It was a wonderful way to spend our evening. We also had the chance to shower afterwards, which was lovely in their brand new shower.

Watch some local television.

So, after the hot tub, we put on our pajamas and sat down in front of the television. It wasn't that late, but we were pretty tired. We watched some nature documentaries and then some of the news. It was all in Icelandic and we didn't understand a word of it. There were no subtitles on any of it. But it really was fun to sit and watch another country's television to see what it was like. I would recommend spending 10 minuets in front of a foreign country's television when you visit. It is such an interesting look at their culture to see what is on the television.

Viking Ship at Viking World

Viking World

In the morning, we sat down and had some breakfast, which was lovely. We had then planed to go to Viking World, a tourist site that had the history of Iceland in it. We again got a free ride from the owner (can't thank him enough) and spent the next four hours going through the exhibit there. They have a section that stays the whole time with a history of Iceland, the Vikings, and all the fun things that you would expect. They also have a rotation exhibit that wasn't open at the time we were there, but the door themselves were open so we walked through anyways. They also have a huge to-scale replica Viking ship that was used to sail the original path the Vikings took to get to America. I can't put into words how cool the boat, its journey, and seeing it was. A functioning replica of a Viking ship is really cool.

The Flight Home

We then got a ride back to the B'n'B by the driver (he really was great) and got our things to head home. The airport in itself is wonderful with lots of cute shops that sell really Icelandic things you can't really find other places. I would recommend some extra time there to go shopping. There are also lots of layers of security that you will not see coming, so find your gate first, or have lots of extra time to be safe. Iceland Air itself was great, and I would love to personally go back to Iceland.

If you like the content you read, feel free to share it with friends and family, or on your social media. Thank you very much. Hope you get some travel ideas from this, and hope you too can spend a night in Iceland.