'Sorry I'm Late, My Bike Broke Down...'

Merel van 't Hooft
in Humor

I wasn’t particularly nervous for my move to the UK. After all, I’d lived in South Korea for half a year and spent a summer interning in Kenya and Uganda (such white girl, much wow), speak English pre...

Worst Places To Travel For Americans

Riley Reese
in Culture

Once upon a time, Americans were widely accepted and wanted everywhere they went. The idea of talking about the worst places to travel basically relied on showing which had the least pleasurable accom...

Siestas are Interesting

Guillermo Calvo
in Culture

There’s good news in the world but it seems weighted towards the Southern Hemisphere although it starts somewhat north of the Equator. A continent, artificially severed by a canal, curled around a thr...

Are These the World’s 18 Best Gay Beaches?

Gareth Johnson
in Buyer's Guide

Wherever you are in the world, it’s always important to have a plan as to when and where you’re going to get your next dose of GBT – Gay Beach Time. GBT is about enjoying the best that summer has to o...

Stay Safe with Defenselessness

Carol Howe
in Culture

As so many people and/or nations gear up for battle, denounce “others” as the enemy, and contract with fear, we need to take a deep breath and reflect on our situations from a very different, and much...

Best Babymoon Vacation Destinations

Mackenzie Kennedy
in Culture

One of the newest trends that involves celebrating growing families is the invention of the babymoon vacation. A babymoon is a lot like a honeymoon in many senses; it's a vacation taken together by co...

Paint Your Face and Be Part of an Ancient Pagan Festival In England

Gareth Johnson
in Culture

The time of year now designated as the beginning of May has long been an occasion for the celebration of seasonal change in northern Europe. The end of the winter and the beginning of the warmer weath...

Strangest Places In New Jersey

Anthony Gramuglia
in Culture

New Jersey has always been regarded as being a little... odd. Ever since the days of the Last Royal Governor, Ben Franklin's illegitimate and loathed son, New Jersey has been the butt-end of jokes. An...

A Weekend Trip to Experience While Traveling Canada

Lucy Frampton
in Entertainment

I have been living in Canada since November 2016, and I thought I should share my first hand experiences from here while I move from place to place. In the month of March my boyfriend, Dan, and myself...

Walking In the Footsteps of the Ancient Romans

Gareth Johnson
in How To

I have always been a bit fascinated with the Romans. I won’t bore you with the detailed distinctions between Ancient Rome, the Roman Republic, and the Roman Empire, but suffice to say that the centuri...

Best Vacation Spots In Ireland

Miranda O'Conner
in Buyer's Guide

When planning a vacation to Ireland, you might know where the best vacation spots in Ireland are. Much of the Irish population is centered in a few select cities, leaving much of the country wide-open...