The Infamous Teakettle Junction and Lost Burro Mine

Michele James
in Entertainment

If you have ever driven the road from Scotty's Castle in Death Valley to The Racetrack, you will know what I mean when I say LONG DRIVE .........VERY LONG DRIVE! Because of the washboard we couldn't g...

SUP Boarder Finds Way Across Atlantic In Incredible First

Christina St-Jean
in Culture

There's a whole lot of ocean between South Africa and the island of Antigua, but Chris Bertish of South Africa covered it on nothing but a paddle board. In a 4,000 mile trek that took three months to ...

Are Travel Agents Still a Thing?

Parag Patel
in Entertainment

Travel agents have had a rough past decade. The emergence of countless different online travel services has allowed people from around the world to book their trips and accommodations online with the ...

Finding Crowley Lake Columns

Michele James
in Entertainment

So one Sunday morning found us driving HWY 395. Needless to say, when you are driving for any length of time you tend to think a lot. Mike and I have always been able to drive in a companionable silen...

Free and Cheap in The Big Easy

Kathleen Walls
in Culture

Back in the fifties when Gordon MacRae and Sheree North sang their hearts out in The Best Things in Life are Free, you could see the movie for one quarter. At that time I was living in New Orleans and...

3 Reasons Why You Should Visit El Yunque National Forest

Elisabeth Caraballo
in Culture

3 Reasons Why You Should Visit El Yunque National Forest If you’re looking for a great place to spend a day in Puerto Rico, then you should head to El Yunque National Forest, only an hour drive from S...

Write For Wander Today

Wander Staff
in Culture

Wander has now joined the Vocal platform, allowing travel lovers around the globe to share invigorating adventures, tips, stories, and ever-shifting tastes to a community filled with wanderlust.

Islands You Can Rent on Airbnb

Lindsie Polhemus
in Buyer's Guide

When planning a trip, we now have more options than the standard hotel or motel when we are exploring the world. Airbnb has made it possible for us to leave home and explore the world from a number of...

How To Travel with Kids

Suki Tranqille
in How To

Imagine for a moment you’re standing at the airline ticket booth. The ticket attendant asks you how many people are in your party and you say three – yourself, your husband, and your three-year-old daughter. You hand over your passports, relieved to have finally made it to the front of the line. The ticket agent looks at you perplexed. “Where is the third person?" he asks. Sure enough, the little face that you had constantly been checking on to make sure they stayed right by your side has disapp...

Changemakers, Please Stand Up

Madhumita Prabhakar
in Culture

Close to a month ago, I was traveling on a day train from Coimbatore to Chennai. For the longest time, I seem to have cultivated the habit of standing by the edge of the train doors and gazing at the ...

Overlooked Countries You Must Visit

Chelsea Pullano
in Culture

For newly-minted travelers, it is understandable to start out by hitting all the regular tourist destinations. However I would see your Paris, Hawaii, and Amsterdam and raise you a different path, or ...