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Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas Review

A Hotel and the Experience of Hotel Review

I had gone to Vegas for a vacation and I stayed at the Plaza Hotel by Fremont experience street. The hotel was rated a three star but in my opinion it was a four star compared to hotels in the state I live in. The plaza hotel had a three bedroom suite where one bed was adjoined to a living room and the living room was adjoined to a two bedroom. Each bedroom had a bathroom with a shower. The living room had a half bathroom. Each bedroom had a tv and the living room had a tv too. The TVs has cable tv. The view from the the room I was in was of the swimming pool and a few of the buildings, and one of the highways or roads. The pool area looked like it had a big area for lounging in. The pool looked like there was enough room to swim laps if you are into swimming laps when you swim.The plaza motel sign was also seen from the view. The beds were comfortable to sleep in. The hotel suite had a mini fridge, a Keurig one cup coffee maker, ice bucket, but there was no mini bar like I thought Vegas hotels had. That was one let down to the hotel. 

The hotel does have a vending machine with soda in the hallway but with the ice bucket, so if you are thirsty for a soda the vending machine takes debit or credit card or cash. The sodas ranged from $1.25–$2.00. The suite was a very big spacious suite, but the bathrooms were kind of small. The bathroom had just the shower and toilet that had a door that could close. The sink was located outside the door and it had a big space compared to the shower and toilet area. I loved the experience at the hotel. And down by the lobby there was a Subway, McDonald's, and a little expresso coffee place that had a very little section of crispy crème donuts. I was very disappointed by the amount of crispy crème donuts; they had two left and it looked like they could only hold 10 crispy crème doughnuts. The McDonald’s was slow getting my food out. There was a line at McDonald’s and there was very little seating but it was seating that was for all the restaurants. 

When I was in line at McDonald’s it seemed crowded because there was hardly any room; there was only room for a small line of about five people maybe 7 but once you get 10 or more, it feels crowded. The experience with the valet parking for the hotel is another story—they don’t let you use it unless you have a key to the hotel room or a conformation code, and my party didn’t have the conformation code handy or the hotel room key yet when we went to use the valet service, and the little circle driveway in front of hotel is not for parking. We were told by the security that is in the front that we couldn’t park there to check in that it was only for pick up or drop off and that’s why we went to valet and that's why we had a not so great experience with valet because we couldn’t use valet without a hotel room key or conformation code. I recommend when you stay here and you want to use valet have your conformation code handy and written down so you can park in valet and you have to walk through the casino to get from valet to the check in desk. There was a casino by the lobby that was huge, it looked like there were 50-100 casino games along with a small bar, and a pizza place. My favorite part about the hotel was the spacious room to walk around in. If I were to go to Las Vegas again I would stay at the Plaza Hotel again. 

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Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas Review
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