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Reasons to Visit Italy

If you're looking to travel out of the country sometime soon, these reasons to visit Italy will make your decision clear.

Travelling out of the country can be a fantastic cultural experience that everyone needs to try just once if they have the opportunity. It's a wonderful way to obtain a first-hand learning experience and one you'll never forget.

When pondering on Italy as a potential destination, there's a lot in store, from a plethora of historical sites, to top-notch cuisine, and of course, the natural beauty this country has to offer.

Whether you plan on backpacking alone in the Italian alps or enjoying the astounding views with your significant other, Italy has something for everybody.

These reasons to go to Italy will have you booking your plane ticket right away:

The Amalfi Coast

The natural beauty of the Amalfi Coast that stretches approximately 31 miles (50 kilometers) along Salerno, Italy is enough to want to visit. Crystal blue waters, beautiful architecture, and profound mountains can all be found in this coastal region that will surely take your breath away.

Best of all, the southern Italy Amalfi Coast is home to incredible hotels and restaurants you'll want to check out when planning your Italian vacation.

Lake Como

Located in Northern Italy in its Lombardy region, you'll find the incredible Lake Como (AKA Lake Lario) surrounded with breath-taking gardens and villas.

You can arrive at Lake Como from a train from Milan in 40 minutes. The wait is all worth it for the picturesque and peaceful beauty Lake Como has to offer.

While you're checking out Lake Como, be sure to check out these nearby cities: Bellagio, Lecco, Varenna, Menaggio, and of courses, Como for art galleries, churches, and general historic charm you won't want to miss.

True Italian Cuisine

For many, one of the top reasons to visit Italy is for the food. Even if you're already a big fan of Italian cuisine, nothing beats a true Italian meal using top-notch recipes constructed with fresh, European ingredients, and of course, the wine you pair with it.

Both the flavor and presentation of Italian cooking is a work of art in itself. Just ask any American who has visited Italy for themselves; they'll tell you that the food in Italy is nothing compared to the meals we attempt to replicate here in the U.S.

Some of the iconic foods you'll want to give a taste in Italy include the following:

  • Pasta carbonara 
  • Gnocchi
  • Osso buca alla Milanese
  • Torrone
  • Saltimbocca
  • Bigoli
  • Ribollita
  • Arancini
  • Gelato

Mount Etna

If planning to travel around Sicily, which also has some unusual food, it's a must to stop by Europe's largest active volcano, Mount Etna, located on the east coast. It's the tallest volcano in Italy, and it's beauty alone is an immediate showstopper.

As visiting Mount Eta is one of the top reasons to visit Italy, be sure to get the most out of the experience. Check out this website for tour guide options that'll allow you to explore the wonders of Mount Etna and its surrounding regions.

The Cinque Terre

When travelling around northwest Italy, check out the Cinque Terra, which translates to "five lands." The five seaside villages in this region include:

  • Manarola
  • Vernazza
  • Corniglia
  • Riomaggiore
  • Monterosso

Each town has its own little charm, so if time permits, make travelling to the Cinque Terre on the top of your list for beautiful beaches, rocky coves, grapevines, uphill hikes, and fishing villages.

Venice and Florence

Both the cities of Venice and Florence are also highly-notable reasons to visit Italy. While located in different parts of Italy, they are equally as loved by tourists — but if you can only choose one, make the choice wisely.

In Venice, the City of Water, you can be sure to have an experience like no other. It has minimal traffic, making it wonderful for a long stop. Check out Venice's beautiful artwork, religious sites, great seafood dishes, and of course, it's waters.

Similar to Rome and a little more on the crowded side than Venice, Florence provides astonishing art and architecture, historical sites, and fantastic restaurants. Most know Florence as the birth place of the Renaissance, giving it unique charm.

Whichever the pick, they're both lovely places to check out in Italy.

Greek Historical Sites

When visiting Italy, you may expect to discover all things Italian, but there are also Greek influences available. If hanging out in southern Italy, the Greek temples of Paestum, an ancient Greek seaside city in Magna Graecia, are phenomenal.

Check out the Roman amphitheater, Temple of Athena, Tomb of the Diver, Archaeological Museum, and other neat historical sites while in Paestum. Every wonder you come across is a whole new experience and an important work of art.

The Scala dei Turchi and Its Benefits for Your Skin

If skipping out on the Amalfi Coast, the Scala dei Turchi is another great southern Italy destination but lessen known. The beautiful, teal waters and white cliffs make this beauty the perfect tourist region.

Rumor has it that the white rocks of Scala dei are beneficial for your skin! You might just find other tourists with its powder smudged on their body. So, if you're a sun-bather, the Scala dei Turchi is a great Italian stop for you.

Roman Ruins

In several Italian cities, you can spot magnificent Roman ruins. The historic beauty of the ancient Romans can be found in the following cities:

  • Colosseum (western Italy)
  • Pantheon (western Italy)
  • Rome at the Roman Forum (south-western Italy)
  • Pompeii (southern Italy)
  • Herculaneum (southern Italy in Naples)

Some specific ruins you might be interested in include the Arch of Titus, Area Sacra di Largo Argentina, Atrium Vestae, Basilica Julia, the Baths of Caracalla, and the Catacombs of San Callisto — all located in Rome.

While Roman ruins can be found on other continents as well, Italy houses some of the most popular and well-known Roman spectaculars.

Authentic Pasta- and Pizza-Making Classes

Especially if you're heading to Italy for a honeymoon, you won't want to miss out on Italian cooking classes. In fact, make it one of your own top reasons to visit Italy. 

Rome, Florence, and Milan all offer pasta- and/or pizza-making classes, Italian style:




If these reasons to visit Italy don't have you wanting to plan and book your trip immediately, I don't know what will!

Apart of these many experiences and wonders, Italy has endless reasons to explore that go beyond historical sites, great food and cooking classes, Greek and Roman culture, beaches, wonderful cities, lakes, and volcanoes.

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