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Reasons Why Disneyland Is Bullsh*t

Is it really the happiest place on Earth?

Ahhh Disneyland. The happiest place on earth. Where kids and adults can see their favorite characters, watch amazing parades, and eat tasty food. But is it really worth it? I don't think so. Over the years, Disneyland has changed so much. And I'm going to be talking about how these changes are bullshit.

The Ticket Prices

In 2005, Disneyland tickets were 56 dollars. Today, depending on the day you go on, it can cost you as much as 135 dollars. They charge you more if you go on a weekend then on a Wednesday which is unfair. You would save more money buying a Knott's Berry Farm pass than a 1 day ticket to Disneyland. Each year, the prices go up and up and it never goes down. It empties out your pockets if you take your whole family and that doesn't even include of what you will buy inside.

Waiting for the Trams

When you park at Disneyland, there is a tram that will take you from the parking lot to the park. Not so bad right? Getting a ride instead of walking over there. That's a lie. The lines for the trams take forever. In order to not have to wait for a tram, you will need to go super early. Like 7 am early. If you don't plan on going early then you will have to wait for 5+ trams to pass by before you hop on one. Some people don't mind the wait, but you will if people are shoving you so they can get on first. And if you're bringing a family, then good luck getting everyone in the same row. Taking the tram back to the parking lot is worse. After a long day, you just want to hop in your car and go home. Nope. You have to wait twice as long as you did in the morning and there is less room in the trams because parents have their souvenirs and other crap.

The Lines You Wait In

You have to be really patient if you want to go on rides at Disneyland. If you want to go on the really good rides, then you have to wait for over an hour. Sometimes even 2 hours. While you wait in the lines, you have nothing to do. Yeah you can go on your phone, talk to your family, or play Heads Up with them. But eventually you'll get bored and your feet will be throbbing by how long you have stood for. There will never be a time where you will not complain about how much your feet hurt or how long the lines are. A  little advice from me is to download the Disneyland Park app to see how long the ride wait is and to not waste your time by walking over there to check. Another perk from the app is that you can see which rides are closed. I say this because one time I waited for Splash Mountain and the line wasn't moving at all and we got the app and it said it was closed and we were basically wasting our time. 

The Food Prices

Where a hot dog costs about 6 dollars, a water bottle is 3 dollars, and a churro is almost 5 dollars. Disneyland is known to have expensive food that would not be worth that much money. A meal will cost you more than 10 bucks in almost every restaurant you go to. If you want a snack then expect to spend over 5 dollars on it. If you're bringing your family and you're paying for everyone, then you better go sell one of your kidneys. You can bring snack in but it has to be prepackaged and nothing that has to be reheated. You're allowed to bring water bottles but they have to be empty and you can not bring glass bottles.  If you really want to save money then you can leave the park and go across Disneyland and there is a McDonald's and buy something off of the dollar menu. 

The Kids

The kids. Oh yes the kids. Probably why you're going is to take your family. Parents, please don't make your kids run around everywhere. Everyone else at Disneyland knows how annoying kids are. Even if Disneyland is a place for kids, just please maintain them. When you're there, kids are everywhere. They're crying, screaming, fighting, and bugging other people around the park. They are not only doing that while they're walking around, they are also doing that while waiting in line for a ride. A ride that you will be waiting for for an hour. Yeah, just imagine that. If you're taking a kid, have fun saying no to your kid because they want Mickey ears that will cost more than 15 dollars or no to a toy that is over 20 dollars. Even a huge lollipop that you know they won't even finish. They will have a fit over that light up balloon. So parents, just please control your kids and the people going. Beware.

Your Phone Battery

Like I mentioned before, you will be waiting for rides for a very long time. So like every other person, you will be on your phone. You will be taking lots of pictures going through your social media, and playing games.  But at some point, your phone is going to die. Which is going to be a bummer once you go wait for more rides and you have absolutely nothing to do. This is what makes this trip bullsh*t because for the majority of the day, you will be in line waiting for a ride that will take 3 minutes long. You will be lucky if you have a portable charger, but if you're going to be on your phone a lot, even your portable charger might die. So if you do go just try doing other things while being in line. Maybe find an outlet and charge your phone while you are eating but your phone will most likely die there so be ready.

The Heat

California. Where it's cold in the morning and blazing hot in the afternoon. Never forget sunscreen. Never. Unless you want a sunburn all over your back. I applied sunscreen every 2 hours and I still got a sunburn. Be in the shade as much as you possibly can. Bring sunglasses unless you want to be blind. It gets really hot in the afternoon so I would recommend going on rides that have a lot of trees around them and do not go on Splash Mountain no matter how hot it is. You will waste your time because since it's really hot, that means there will be a lot of people going on it. This mean 2+ hour wait time. Just make sure to bring a hat and a fan if you do end up going. But I don't think it's worth it in the end to go.

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Reasons Why Disneyland Is Bullsh*t
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