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Reasons You Should Never Visit Georgia!

Why Going to Georgia Is a Danger to Your Life


The vast array of aromatic and delicious dishes on offer at a traditional feast—called "supra"—will cause you to experience not only constant salivation, but also pangs of conscience after overindulging in these delicacies. A perennially full stomach and visions of too tight trousers will haunt you throughout your visit. Khatchapuri, khinkali, lobiani, mtsradi, pkhali, chashushli, mchad, imeruli, churchkhela are just some of the mystical names of dishes that will visit you in your dreams.

Liver Damage

Risk of liver damage, likelihood of a headache, and the certainty of a constant smile and a general good mood are just some of the side effects of the mouth-wateringly good Georgian wines made from over 500 different strains of grapes, which will satisfy even the most distinguished of sommeliers. Aficionados of stronger liquors will find chacha, a traditional Georgian pomace brandy that shares its name with the dance, more than satisfactory and might cause you to dance, too!

Fatigue, Sweat, and Tears

You will have to break a sweat and tire yourself out before shedding a tear of joy upon seeing the magnificent scenery around you, as the best views in Georgia are up in the mountains, some of which are challenging to reach. Mount Kazbek and the Gergeti Trinity Church are just some of the jewels of the Caucasus Mountains that will mesmerise you along the way.

Cult of Personality

The cult of Stalin is still alive and well, but only in the museum. The Joseph Stalin museum in Gori is both amusing and haunting. Displays of reverence and admiration are visible at every step in its interior design and demeanour of the custodians. It’s difficult to leave the building without a souvenir of the dictator. The locals regard the former leader of the Soviet Union with mixed feelings—the elders praise him, the young scorn him.

A Deficit of Hotel Chains

You won’t encounter many hotel chains in Georgia, which might cause your loyalty card points to suffer. However, the friendliness of the locals, who will invite you into their homes with open arms will more than make up for this "inconvenience." During your visit to Georgia, you will be at risk of enormous hospitality and friendships for life.

Monotonous Architecture

…will be a foreign concept to you. From atmospheric old alleys, crumbling buildings and cathedrals, historic castles and palaces, to futuristic, remarkably shaped buildings and objects to be found amongst others in the Bridge of Peace or the Georgian Parliament Building in Kutaisi, Georgia has it all on offer….

From the snow-topped castle-dotted Caucasus mountains, the green fertile plains that produce avocados, aubergines and salty olives and the sandy beaches along the Black Sea coast, Georgia has been a closely-guarded secret for years.

Officially considered part of Central Asia (until it’s time for the Eurovision Song Contest), capital Tbilisi is an intriguing mix of the two cultures.

Travelers will be shown a lot of love by the hospitable Georgians who pride themselves on the warmth of their welcomes. Eat, drink, and be merry is the motto here.

A journey into humanity and kindness. A gem between Europe and Asia and a place you will not regret visiting. This is all based on my personal experience and to date if someone asks me this very, very difficult question about the best country I have ever visited, well... my answer hasn't changed in years and I still say it is Georgia, the country that has left a massive impact on my life as a traveler.

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Reasons You Should Never Visit Georgia!
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