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Save, Spend, & Splurge: Holiday Edition!

How are we already in March? Time seems to just be flying passed and an escape to the sun is definitely on many people’s cards.

As I am already thinking of holidaying, I thought I would share some obvious and not-so obvious gems. Below are a few destinations where you could be putting your feet up and chilling for a well-earned break, whether you wanna save, spend, or splurge!

Save: Staycation

Photo via Unsplash

If we even have a hint of the summer we had last year, this year, you're in for a treat. No need to spend lots of monies on jetting to another country, take advantage of what the UK has to offer. For example, Cornwall has so many idyllic, secluded beaches that will make you think you’re in the Maldives! Falmouth is a wonderful place to go, lots of little shops and wonderful views of the dock which hosts a range of fantastic boats!

On the other hand, Bournemouth has just been named the UK’s best beach for 2019 with a long stretch of sand and pretty beach huts, on a sunny day you could be in the US! Bournemouth is your traditional English seaside destination with arcades, crazy golf and an oceanarium! Great fun no matter how old you are or how big your family is!

If you are feeling a little more adventurous, you could opt for glamping! I have seen some really awesome glamping accommodation in the form of little pods to double decker buses! This fun alternative will be an exciting adventure for everyone, from playing in nature to bonding time without so much technology!

Spend: Secret Escape

Photo via Unsplash

When you think spend, there are plenty of nearer places to the UK that you could be exploring but how about pushing the boat out a little? Go somewhere a little less touristy, but super adventurous like Panama! Although a little further afield, you can make lots of saving though where you stay, for example there is accommodation in Boquete that will have you fully immersed in the local life whilst saving the pennies.

There are plenty of waterfalls to see in Panama like going to see the Lost Waterfalls Trail in Boquete is only one of them. This trek requires explorers to venture through a scenic jungle trail to discover a natural wonder. If you wanted more of an adrenalin pumping activity, the Los Valles Waterfall cliff jump should be right up your street! Although, this place does come with a warning as it can be super dangerous to take a leap off the edge!

Splurge: Tropical Sun

Photo via Unsplash

The Bahama Islands are a collection of beautiful islands sent straight from paradise and home to around 700 islands. Here the sea shines a beautiful blue and the sun beams onto white sand that can go for miles. Tuck into some wonderfully appetising dishes with a combination of Caribbean and American tastes. Splash out on beautiful accommodation on right on the beach or and adult only hotel to really escape!

Seychelles is also another beautiful destination that boasts around 115 islands and loved by celebs. I am always seeing the over water bungalows on insta-pics giving me major holiday envy! Furthermore, the marine life is diverse and with scuba diving excursions available, you’ll get a chance to see it in action! If you don’t fancy getting all wet, you can take a boat out which as transparent floor!

These are obviously only a tiny handful of all the places you could be escaping to for your budget size. Keep an eye out for deals online and even on social media for any super relaxing places you could be holidaying to.

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Save, Spend, & Splurge: Holiday Edition!
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