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Spend a Week in Jupiter

No, Not Jupiter the Planet, Jupiter, Florida Here on Planet Earth

Tired of fighting the crowds in Orlando? There’s a lot more to Florida than just the theme parks, and if you fancy a quieter week of water, sun, and fun, you can’t do better than the town of Jupiter, Florida. Here are just some of the things you can do in a week at Jupiter.

A Day at the Park

When we say “day at the park,” what we mean is a day at the ballpark. Jupiter is home to the spring training stadium for the St. Louis Cardinals and the Florida Marlins. There are plenty of games on at Roger Dean Stadium. This is a friendly, low-key, and fun ballpark with plenty of parking and lots of places to eat nearby. You might not have room for that extra food, though, once you fill up on hot dogs and concessions during the game.

Charter a Boat Tour

If you love being out on the water, you’ll enjoy Jupiter boat tours and a private charter suitable for any event you can imagine. Celebrate someone’s birthday or rock the boat with a stag party or bachelorette party. You can also take the charter out for a quieter afternoon to celebrate an anniversary or even hold a ceremony to release a loved one’s ashes.

Rent a Kayak or Paddle Board

If you prefer to power yourself on the water, you can rent canoes, kayaks, and paddle boards all over the Jupiter area. The town website maintains a list of excellent water trails that lets you explore all that the area has to offer. Whether you want to nature watch or challenge your paddling skills, you can do it here.

Visit the Lighthouse and Museum

If you hit a rainy day during your week in Jupiter, you and your family will love visiting the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse and Museum. The lighthouse was built in 1860, and the museum showcases 5,000 years worth of history and culture from the Loxahatchee area. The museum is open all year round and has a nature watching area and plenty of picnic spots.

Explore the River Center

The River Center aquarium has plenty of exhibits that will keep you and the kids fascinated for hours. The touch tank is a lot of fun, and the interactive exhibits are some of the best around. As you explore the center you’ll also be exploring the entire watershed area and learning about the ecosystem that makes Florida what it is.

Hit the Beach

No trip to Florida is complete without some time on the beach soaking up the rays. For the best beach experience you can get, try the Jupiter Beach Resort and Spa. Watch the sunset from your private balcony, sit around the fire pit in the evenings, and jump in the oceanfront pool when you’ve had enough of the sand and salt on the private beach.

Learn About Gators

All kids (and adults) are fascinated by alligators, and at the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary, you can learn all about them. You’ll also learn about lots of other Florida wildlife and take kid-friendly hikes through the wetlands. Go at the right time and you can pet a snake, touch a turtle, and learn precisely why a crocodile and alligator are not the same thing.

Great Places to Eat

As you spend your seven days of fun in Jupiter, you are going to get hungry. When you’re ready to splurge, eat along the waterfront at 1000 North. The Dune Dog cafe has both vegetarian and gluten-free food and plenty of kid-friendly options like hot dogs. There are also plenty of adult favorites like ribs and lobster bisque.

For breakfast, try the Berry Fresh Cafe and their chocolate chip pancakes. The almond crusted French toast at the Lazy Loggerhead is to die for, the pancakes come in regular, banana, chocolate chip, or blueberry flavors, and the meat lover’s omelet will power you for a full, fun day in Jupiter.

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Spend a Week in Jupiter
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