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Stavanger on the Cruise

One of the first places we’ve stopped at on the Britannia cruise was Stavanger. It’s sometimes known as Norway’s oil city and is twinned with Houston and Aberdeen. It’s popularity has been constantly booming in population thanks for its oil economy. It’s a really pretty area and love looking at all the exterior designs of the houses. I like how the streets are colourful and they feel unique and homely. Especially all the reds, yellows, and whites.

The scenery is the best part of my day in Stavanger. I remember waking up in my cabin to see the houses from my balcony window. I remember feeling mesmerised. I’ve seen it on Instagram pictures and in holiday brochures, but none of that can beat seeing them with the naked eye. I went to an excursion with the cruise called Stavanger Highlights which we did enjoy and after the intense exercise I did in the morning (over four hours, a mixture of gym machines, yoga, aerobics class and swimming) I was welcome to the relaxing pace of the tour. I liked looking at the museum of archeology and learned a fair bit about vikings along the way. After a tour around the museum, we had a bus trip around the city and we stopped by the famous three swords in rock representing peace, unity, and freedom. An important symbol for vikings. It’s a really great monument.

Swords In Rock

I enjoying learning about all the Viking legends and mythology. I found it to be quite interesting. In the museum of archeology we saw how much of a difference Vikings have made to the world. Through the detailed history of vikings made me realise how ambitious the vikings where and how they made an impact on countries like China, Canada, and even the U.K. The museum of archaeology felt more like a Viking museum, but there is a connection between the two themes.

Lake by Swords In Rock, Stavenger

Like I said earlier, the scenes and the nature are simply beautiful and breathtaking. I really liked the tour and thought seeing Stavanger on top of a communication tower was a nice touch. Our guide was also really friendly and enjoyed having jokes with us. He seemed knowledgeable and very local.

The whole area of Stavanger feels really photogenic. I’ve noticed that my Instagram has had a lot of likes and notifications since uploading my pictures of Stavanger up there. The tour was brilliant. It felt very quick and it didn’t feel like three hours long. But I feel like there’s a lot of Stavanger that I haven’t seen yet. Like the natural history museum where they have bones outside, I thought that was awesome and made me really want to in. I wish I had the chance to get a picture of it before the bus whizzed past it. 

It’s a lovely city which has plenty of places to explore and seems to offer a lot of cultural development. I would love to come back to Stavanger and see more of the sights and views. I would recommend this city and it’s worth having a look around. If I go again, I would like to visit some of the shopping centres it’s so proud of as I do love shopping. There’s also the rock and lots of people like going canoeing there so there’s plenty of stuff to do.

I hope you enjoyed this article about Stavanger. I will end it with one of my favourite pictures. It’s nearby the swords and the grass looked so green and vibrant despite the windy weather. I really like how it turned out. 

Also want to add that seeing Stavanger in the jacuzzi tub on the Britannia boat trip was amazing. The views were incredible and the winds were ice cold but my body in the tub was nice and warm. A really strong and powerful contrast between hot and cold. When I got back to my cabin, I had a lovely hot cup of green tea.