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// T r a v e l i n g //

Just Some Thoughts, Ideas, Observations, About...

Traveling is the best and greatest blessing that my parents have bestowed on me in my lifetime. They always made me work for anything else, which is fine, and they were always tough on me, but in return, they gave me the gift of traveling.

It is a blessing. And the absolute best of blessings.

I feel honored and too privileged to say that I’ve been traveling all of my life. To know the ins and outs of how to pack, how to go through airports, sit for long periods of times without being bored. I know which way is which because most likely, I've been there. I consider it a gift and a blessing to know all of the local spots of most places, to know what's a bust and what to do that's a blast. To know the culture of the place I have visited. 

There's a lot that I haven't been to, though, and I have this strong and unyielding, unmerciful need to travel more.

Traveling is like breathing to me. I’ve been blessed to have it be a way of life for me since I was three months old. I have traveled every winter, spring, summer, three-day holiday and even two-day holiday, since I was a kid. 

My friends always hated me because I was always gone for the entire summer, every summer, since I was a kid. And when I say the entire summer, I mean it. Like, we would travel for a month and a half, come home for six days to wash everything and unload things, only to pack it up again and be off for the rest of the summer until a week before school started.

This was and is my life. I'm blessed to have two teachers as parents who have the summers, winters, and springs off just like me. I’m fortunate to have a stable household where my parents chose to take us everywhere since my sis and I were babies. My parents chose to save money every year for the summer so we could go do a big trip. This lifestyle has now worn off on my sis and I because now we expect to be traveling in our future. 

We were just talking the other day and we both agreed that we could never settle for some boring cubicle desk job where we are slaves to our jobs and never get any travel time. We both agreed that we have to have jobs that:

  1. allow us to travel
  2. allow us to be outside or
  3. allow us to do both

My lifestyle is a blessing and a curse because now I expect to live this life when I’m older, even though it might be difficult to achieve.

But for me, if there is a will, there's a way.

Traveling is my number one priority in life and I refuse to give it up to a cubicle job that pays good money. That's not worth it to me.

Traveling makes you rich in the heart, soul, and mind.

Traveling is liberation from the norm, liberation from the boring. Mundane. Routine.

When you travel, you have no sense of who, what, where, why.

You have no sense of time. And let me tell you, it's beautiful to be free.

When you travel, you carry baggage from your past and present and you sort it out while you’re out there, experiencing life.

Some people choose to leave their baggage where they left it while others choose to get lost to sort out their baggage. Either way, traveling gets you lost and found in the best way possible.

I believe that if you, I, or anyone out there reading this has the opportunity and resources to travel, then do it.

I have friends, family, etc. who have never traveled anywhere in their life. I look at them and think,

“Why? How?”

How can you go through your life not wondering about how other people 21 hours away, 5000 miles in either direction, live their lives?! How they go about their day? What their country, city, town, village looks like? Or what their state, province, country has to offer for you? We live on a globe that stretches 24, 902 miles across and 24,806 miles from pole to pole and you’re telling me that you don’t want to go anywhere besides your fifty mile radius because of a job, or because you say that you don’t “have any time.”

That’s a lie!!


YOU deserve to travel.

Go see the world!

It’s vast and beautiful and I’ve explored a good portion of it to say so. And even for me, there’s still more for me to explore! There’s more of this globe for all of us to explore! So get out there! T R A V E L FOR GOD SAKE!

When my parents were semi-young and getting out of their “broke asf” stage, they were still penny pinchers. They watched EVERYTHING that they did. They never went out. Never had any fun. Then my sister had just come along and my parents looked at each other one day and said to one another,

“What are we doing? Why are we still penny pinching? We finally have money, we need to go out and do things. For us, for our daughter.”

That summer, they took a trip to go back east to see my dad’s brother.

It was the first trip they had taken in six years.

Since then, they’ve never stopped.

They chased the ends of the United States for my sister and I to see, and we’ve done so. They’ve saved every penny for our summers so we could take long trips across the US for months on end.

We’ve done 28 states and have more to go, but that’s for my sis and I to conquer. We are the ones who want to go even F A R T H E R. D E E P E R—to places that haven’t been explored yet.

W E,

are the real travelers in our family.

My sis and I are now chasing the ends of the earth to feel something;

to be R I C H  in our  S O U L S .

We may be broke in the end, but it's better to have a pocket full of memories than pocket change. We're rich in our souls and that all that matters to us.

My sis is 20. I'm 17.

We may still be young, but our faces are already worn with jetlag and the dirt of other worlds. We joke and say that we have freckles on our faces for every state, province, or country we’ve been to. I believe it.

So this is just some motivation for the weary.

For the stuck.

For the “sad in the soul” kind of souls.

Traveling is the cure-all for the weary. The sick. The sad. The lost.

Kids, pick a spot on the map, book a ticket, pack light (and with a disposable camera) and

G O.

The world is calling and your personal timeclock is ticking. We are all dying every second, so why not carpe diem?



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// T r a v e l i n g //
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