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SKYLERIZED 4 days ago
Why Are You Ranking: The Highest Points in the State of Delaware Listed from Not Quite to Just Right
Whether you inhabit the state or have just driven through it, you may find that Delaware is one of the flattest states in the Union. With only two significant points of interest regarding heights abov...
Los Angeles to Seattle
A few weeks ago I took a trip to Vancouver, WA to surprise my best friend for her graduation. That part was really fun. I then decided to stay a while longer visiting Seattle, which took three hours b...
Keegan Gray8 days ago
Standing Still
I am not a stationary person. I like moving around. I like running, climbing, hiking, swimming, exploring—nothing can get me to stand still. I thought that's the way life should be lived, although tha...
Top 10 Tompkins Square Park Attractions
Whether you’re a tourist or an NYC resident, it's always nice to have a free activity or place to go that you know you can enjoy. Tompkins Square park is one of those places. Come enjoy its beauty and...
Jack Fowler21 days ago
Must See Places Whilst Visiting Manhattan
New York City is one of those places where there are countless things to see and places to visit. Regardless of how many times you have been, there is always something more in the city that never sleeps that will take you by surprise. Here are a few of my favourite things that I like to revisit over and over when I travel to Manhattan.
Adam Kelly23 days ago
A Cross-Country Road Trip in the Making
Last weekend, I visited relatives in Georgia with my family to take a break from the 9 to 5 routine. The trip was a great time to kick back and relax, yet I was still on my feet with a few new additio...
Patrick Hollisa month ago
New York, New York
This was, by some margin, the longest trip I’d made for a few days away. A city which sums up Western culture, New York was next on the list of travels. Sat in Newcastle Airport at 4:30 AM, I can tell...
Tay Va month ago
The Actual Best Way to Explore San Francisco
I have seen countless articles titled "How to do San Francisco in 48 Hours" and "What You Have to See in San Francisco." But, if you're anything like me, you feel like many of these articles are missi...
Jessika Wager2 months ago
Small Town Girl’s Travel Guide to NYC
I grew up in the middle of nowhere in South Dakota. You know the state that you had no idea people lived in? Where my graduating class was 13 people. Where you had to drive 60 miles if you wanted fast...
Genae Fassitt2 months ago
The State That Disappeared
Do you keep up with the news? How engrossed is our society into social media? We have access to the world at the fingertips of our hands, yet we know so little about so much. What if I were to tell yo...
Hannah Buller2 months ago
Growing Up in Minnesota
I am an aspiring artist from a small town called Chaska, Minnesota who is reaching for new and brighter experiences. This is my adventure that took me from a trapped bubble to an overwhelming sight of...
Joshua Lowenberg2 months ago
6 Destinations From a Native Floridian You Have to Visit
If you're ever down in the Sunshine State, don't forget to give these awesome locations a gander!
Julie Ott2 months ago
Best Things to Do in Maine/NH
Here are a few things to do while in Southern Maine/ Northern NH (yes, they require hopping states if you are in one or the other, but the drive isn't too much.)
Bong Studly2 months ago
Alexandria, LA: One of America's Most Romantic Getaways
When most people (especially us Americans) think of romantic vacation getaways, places like the Bahamas, Paris, London, Napa Valley, Las Vegas, Venice, or maybe even Sydney are some of the more common...
Jerrica 2 months ago
Culture Shock in My Own Country
After spending about three years living abroad in South Korea, moving back to Massachusetts was easier than I expected. I mean, of course it was strange at first. I could understand the conversations ...
A Clem2 months ago
From London to New York: What I Learnt From a Week in the Big Apple
For my 23rd birthday, I was lucky enough to go to New York for a week - and it was one of the best weeks of my life. Growing up I’ve always dreamt of travelling through the US, going to as many states...
Sean Callaghan3 months ago
Disney's Hollywood Studios
For 90 years now, Mickey Mouse has been Mickey Mouse. The major branding element of the original Walt Disney Productions and everything that has followed: animated films, movie features, television sh...
Fiorella Chiorino3 months ago
“To reach out and touch tomorrow, take the future in our hands…” if you know where this line comes from, it means that you know which Disney theme park I am referring to. EXACTLY! IT’S EPCOT. I rememb...