Travel from sea to shining sea; by car or by plane, there's plenty to see in the good ole US of A.

Brandon Glandt11 hours ago
Here we were, stranded on a deserted beach. The only way out of here was to hike twelve miles to the nearest road, kayak six miles over ten-foot swells, or wait for the Coast Guard to pick you up. But...
Sean Callaghan2 days ago
Decline of a Dream
Walt referred to this dream project as EPCOT, for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow.
Tales from a Place Where You Can Feel Other People Crawling On Your Skin...
The Forest Haven Asylum in Laurel, Maryland was opened in 1925 as a home, school, and social ground for both children and adults with intellectual disabilities.
Michele James6 days ago
Please Pass the Salt
On the state line between Nevada and Utah lies the Bonneville Salt Flats. Recently, Mike and I had the pleasure of visiting this amazing place. From things I have read, I could only fathom the expanse...
Erin Misenar11 days ago
Autumn in Michigan
I lived in Michigan many years ago. Initially, I didn't want to move to Michigan because I was in the suburbs of Detroit and couldn't imagine anything worse than that. Before I moved there, I envision...
Forty-Eight Hours in Washington, D.C.
Already on a time crunch and parked four floors below ground of the Ritz-Carlton, we sprinted up the stairs in suit and tie and high heels and dress. Anger seeps up my spine as sweat rolls down my bac...
Hannah Burton13 days ago
Utah: An Outdoor Paradise
The beauty you see above is called Lake Powell. A lake that goes through southern Utah and Northern Arizona. And this isn't even the most beautiful site Utah has to offer. Here are some beautiful site...
M J13 days ago
Filthy Cities – Industrial New York
New York City. “The Capital of the World” to some, “The City So Nice They Named It Twice” to others, but most importantly, the city people escape to in hopes of pursuing the American Dream. However, b...
Rachel Lesch14 days ago
Day in Salem
My film studies professor told us about an exhibit at the Peabody Essex Museum called "It’s Alive," which features posters and props from classic horror and sci-fi films. It piqued my interest and so ...
Beyond Michigan: Part 1
4/21 11 AM It was a longer drive yesterday than expected. I had a mental schedule which I needed to follow. We drove from Utah through Colorado into my hometown in Wyoming. I was now four days into a ...
May Neuman17 days ago
What the Internet Doesn’t Tell You
This article may seem like I’m trying to deter you from RV’s, but this trip I’m about to tell you about is the most memorable and marvelous vacations I have ever taken yet in my life.
Presque Isle State Park
Presque Isle State park is a peninsula along Lake Erie. It's located in Erie, Pennsylvania and has many features to offer!
isabel mannino19 days ago
I believe that there is a difference between a house and a home. While not everybody may have a house, I feel that everybody has a home. A place where you feel most like yourself. Your safe place to g...
Kristie Lloyd21 days ago
Road Trip Rookies
London, Ontario - Marienville, Pennsylvania Nov. 11 - Nov. 13 2016 This was the trip that started it all. Most people get the travel bug from lush beaches, week-long treks in the Outback, historical e...
Kai Storm23 days ago
Brooklyn Girl vs. Seattle Life!
Shout out to my best friend Valencia Joseph for giving me the idea for this blog... wait... let me explain a bit. You see, every morning as I go to work I find/bump into things that are very Seattle-l...
Lexi Jenningsa month ago
Love to Travel? Don't Live in the Midwest, U.S.A.
The Midwest of the United States is gorgeous. There's rolling hills, green and gold fields, and you can see for miles around. We have attractions like Chicago, the Badlands, and Mount Rushmore. Other ...
Mark Williamsa month ago
A Bite of the Big Apple
I wrote this back in March 2001 as part of a University application, after my brother and I visited New York for the first time. With today being what it is, and there being so much negativity surroun...
Jennifer Yorka month ago
Visit Buffalo Bill's Childhood Home
Buffallo Bill was born February 26, 1846, in Le Claire, Iowa. Bill wrote of his childhood:At LeClair [sic] I was sent to a school where, by diligence and fairly good conduct I managed to familiarize m...