All Asia-bound travelers need some guidance before tackling the largest and most populous continent on Earth.

Amy Yes8 months ago
Top 4 Places to Visit in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) is not a place you want to skip when visiting Vietnam. The culture, food and people make this city a unique and exciting destination for all tourists. The sheer size and chaos ...
Charlotte Humphrey8 months ago
The Flying Kind
Ella Mason remembered how the world looked from the plane window thirty thousand feet above Korea’s capital. Looking back, she supposed she would always remember how the city lights had been carved in...
Johnny Ball8 months ago
Mad Dogs and Englishmen
“That twat Harry Kane is facking shit! If I were in charge I’d leave him behind. And that twat Alli ‘nd all!” By the time I arrived in Jagtial, John had been walking alone for almost 4 weeks and hadn’...
Nicole Owen8 months ago
South Korea Living
My Experience Living in South Korea
Martyn Snow9 months ago
The Autobiography of a Nobody Pt. 4
There was something strange about Thailand that stood out immediately to me, and once again it involved meal times. Every time we sat down to eat, whether it be at breakfast, lunch or dinner, we were ...
Martyn Snow10 months ago
The Autobiography of a Nobody Pt. 3
Neither Jane nor I had ever stayed in a four-star hotel before. Our standards for accommodation have always been lower than most. We see a place to stay as just that. As long as it has a clean bed, th...
Chloe Gilholy10 months ago
My Experience in Japan
Ever since I was little, I always felt that Japan was my home. It was strange, I was born and bred in jolly old England. I always felt as if I was from another country. I liked my tea without milk and...
Julita P10 months ago
Five Peaks of Mount Hua, China—World's Deadliest Hike
After visiting Xi'an and seeing the always desired by me—Terracotta Army, I still had a couple of days before heading forward on my journey through China. Checking on "what to do around Xi'an," I disc...
Sister Salt10 months ago
My Most Terrifying Night As A Backpacker
I had a couple of skin-tingling, risky experiences in the beautiful country of Vietnam. Some by total misfortune and some that could have been easily prevented. In true karmic style this was by far my...
Sophie Rosea year ago
48 Hours in Beijing
When limited to only 48 hours in a major capital city like Beijing, it can be overwhelming to narrow down what you want to do with your time there and not everyone is lucky enough to have a school fri...
Lana Omelica year ago
Traveling to Hong Kong for the First Time
Hong Kong is an evocative blend of its colonial past and its Chinese present. The main island is a fantastic visual of tall skyscrapers competing with each other to reach up high. The lights from thes...
Keith Jonesa year ago
6 Things to Do in Japan
Japan, the land of the rising sun, and home of my favourite dish—which is sushi. A lot of people want to visit this paradise and I hope this article will give you some ideas of what to do and where to...
Anna Baloga year ago
Rolling The Dice On Vietnam
February, 2017 Phu Quoc, Vietnam Earlier in 2017 I had a three week vacation coming up. I was getting off a ship in Singapore and had to be in Sydney for my next assignment. I was pondering where in A...
Jazz Morgana year ago
Temple Hopping in Thailand: Must Do's!
Wat: a term given to Buddhist or Hindu temples in Thailand, and other parts of Southeast Asia. Thailand has an abundance of wats (with all respect and for scaling purposes only, one may refer to them ...
Kaitlyn Smitha year ago
Planning a Trip to Tokyo Disney
To start I have just started planning this trip a couple of weeks ago. I am writing this because I cannot find a blog or a vlog that discuses the coast of traveling to Disney Tokyo. I have seen some o...
Blackman In Shanghai
It's been three years since my first trip to Shanghai. I am 23 now, and in the wake of the new year, I am a prey to nostalgic thoughts. So let me take you back to one of my fondest memories of the fir...
Chloe Gilholya year ago
Things I Remember About Tokyo
Ever since I was little and started getting into anime, it was always my lifelong ambition to go to Japan. In July 2015, I made that dream into a reality and I think it was one of the best trips of my...
Ramona B.a year ago
Seoul 2017
As per tradition, my family took our great big summer trip back in August. We did not take a direct flight to Seoul from San Francisco. We went from San Francisco to Manila, and then we went to Seoul ...