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If you budget wisely, your travel funds can go a long way, though not as far as you.

Kevin 7 days ago
Best Hikes in Utah
Everyone knows Utah is a great winter destination. After the 2002 Olympics, our snow became forever famous for winter sports. Skiers and snowboarders are some of the state’s main tourists. However, if...
Saskia Benz16 days ago
How I Travel the World at 19
Traveling the world is a dream. Well, what if I told you it could be your reality? That you could keep your job, and still travel, still have a family, and still have amazing adventures? I've been to ...
Kevin 22 days ago
Ever Had the Chance to Leave the Country?
Have you ever had the chance to leave the country? If you have, then you must have an idea of just how expensive and taxing the process usually is. The research, booking, and expenses can be overwhelm...
Mikkie Millsa month ago
Not Every Vacation Needs to Break the Piggy Bank
With summer speeding around the corner, many people, families, and couples have begun planning their next vacation. While there are some people who are prepared to take extravagant trips to popular de...
Craig Housea month ago
The Cheaper Travel Options That Are out There
Traveling. Imagine spending your life soaking up the sun, sea and sands of foreign lands? Imagine drinking pina coladas and exploring the natural wonders of the world. Imagine seeing it all, discovering it all, meeting them all and experiencing everything that you possibly can. But wait... Unfortunately, most of us will not be blessed with the financial benefits that are required for long term, sustainable travel. And boy, does travel cost a whole lot. So if you, like the rest of us, want to exp...
Isla Wrighta month ago
The Grand Canyon—5 Reasons Why It Belongs on Your Bucket List
The Grand Canyon is a gigantic mass that stretches for almost 280 miles. It’s almost 20 miles wide, and more than six thousand feet deep. Yes, it is one of the biggest and most magnificent piles of ro...
Daniel Lyddon2 months ago
Five Eternal City Freebies
Rome is notorious for being expensive to visit—there's so much to cram into your trip that the costs can add up quickly without you noticing. I've been three times now, both as a solo traveler and as ...
Cil Borlaza2 months ago
5 Useful Tips for Budget Travelers in Seoul
As a budget traveler, I appreciate nifty travel guides that can help me make the most out of every trip I do. I’ve lived in South Korea for a little over two years already and traveled to Seoul many t...
Jess Redd3 months ago
Tips and Tricks for Universal Orlando
Roller coasters, character meets, concerts, great food. Universal really does it all. But the things they can't control like long lines, ignorant people, and heat are hard to deal with. I have a few t...
Vivian Curl3 months ago
The Nomad
I remember the first time I heard the word nomad. I was watching a tiny house transformation on You Tube, and they kept referring to living a nomad life. I went to Webster’s Dictionary online, and the...
Em, I4 months ago
Spotlight on India (Pt. 1)
From Hardiwar to Rishikesh we go, it is only a short bus journey and before we know it, we are already at the Rishikesh bus station. Little did we know, this seamless travelling would not be experienc...
sofXposh Media4 months ago
Need a Vacation?
If you're anything like me, traveling is your thing and there is probably very little in the world that makes you feel as fulfilled as traveling does. However, we all know getting to where you are try...
Emma Styles4 months ago
Best Free Galleries and Museums of Paris
As an art-lover who moved from London to Paris, one of the biggest adjustments I've had to make is how frequently I visit art galleries and museums. Unlike London, beacon of free culture, many of Pari...
Jesmer Folkerts4 months ago
How to Travel the World for Free (or Really Cheap)
Almost everyone loves to travel. Some like to go for a month. Some just for a weekend. But it usually takes some cash away from your wallet. If you’re someone who doesn’t have (enough) money to spend ...
Toni Koraca5 months ago
Inspiring Ways to Travel Europe on a Budget
I was a student for the best part of the last seven years. During that time, I traveled through almost 20 European countries. Most times, I had virtually no money. I frequently returned to places I en...
Kieron Parkinson5 months ago
Paris on a Budget
The metropolitan capital that is on the majority of travellers' bucket lists, Paris was a place that offered something uniquely different from other cities I had visited. After a gruelling 14-hour coa...
Courtney McCaffrey5 months ago
Is Bali the Best Destination for Budget-Friendly Luxury Travel?
You don’t often find the phrases “budget-friendly” and “luxury” in the same sentence. But on the Indonesian island of Bali, the two have basically become best friends. Affordable accommodations, cheap...
Cynthia Cline8 months ago
Financial Tips for Planning Family Trips
About a year and a half ago my mom brought to my attention a great idea, when planning our family trips all parties going on the trip transfer money into one savings account to keep track of how much ...