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If you budget wisely, your travel funds can go a long way, though not as far as you.

Jess Redda month ago
Tips and Tricks for Universal Orlando
Roller coasters, character meets, concerts, great food. Universal really does it all. But the things they can't control like long lines, ignorant people, and heat are hard to deal with. I have a few t...
Vivian Curla month ago
The Nomad
I remember the first time I heard the word nomad. I was watching a tiny house transformation on You Tube, and they kept referring to living a nomad life. I went to Webster’s Dictionary online, and the...
Em, I2 months ago
Spotlight on India (Pt. 1)
From Hardiwar to Rishikesh we go, it is only a short bus journey and before we know it, we are already at the Rishikesh bus station. Little did we know, this seamless travelling would not be experienc...
sofXposh Media2 months ago
Need a Vacation?
If you're anything like me, traveling is your thing and there is probably very little in the world that makes you feel as fulfilled as traveling does. However, we all know getting to where you are try...
Emma Styles2 months ago
Best Free Galleries and Museums of Paris
As an art-lover who moved from London to Paris, one of the biggest adjustments I've had to make is how frequently I visit art galleries and museums. Unlike London, beacon of free culture, many of Pari...
Jesmer Folkerts2 months ago
How to Travel the World for Free (or Really Cheap)
Almost everyone loves to travel. Some like to go for a month. Some just for a weekend. But it usually takes some cash away from your wallet. If you’re someone who doesn’t have (enough) money to spend ...
Toni Koraca3 months ago
Inspiring Ways to Travel Europe on a Budget
I was a student for the best part of the last seven years. During that time, I traveled through almost 20 European countries. Most times, I had virtually no money. I frequently returned to places I en...
Kieron Parkinson3 months ago
Paris on a Budget
The metropolitan capital that is on the majority of travellers' bucket lists, Paris was a place that offered something uniquely different from other cities I had visited. After a gruelling 14-hour coa...
Courtney McCaffrey3 months ago
Is Bali the Best Destination for Budget-Friendly Luxury Travel?
You don’t often find the phrases “budget-friendly” and “luxury” in the same sentence. But on the Indonesian island of Bali, the two have basically become best friends. Affordable accommodations, cheap...
Cynthia Cline6 months ago
Financial Tips for Planning Family Trips
About a year and a half ago my mom brought to my attention a great idea, when planning our family trips all parties going on the trip transfer money into one savings account to keep track of how much ...
Do You Really Need Money to Travel?
Ahh, the dreaded M-word. Money is the biggest barrier to travel. Like most ‘yeah but’s, there is a large portion of truth in it. Yes, you do indeed need money to travel... mostly. It is possible to ge...
Georgie Greenway6 months ago
Volunteering with Workaway
Workaway changed all the expectations I had for travel. I always assumed it to be a luxury for the wealthy and the free, but that never stopped me from planning, saving, and hoping that I would be abl...
Shawntelle Moncy6 months ago
How to Find the Cheapest Flights
I do not stop at booking a flight at the first, second or even third price I see online. There are many simple things that go into finding incredible deals on flights and I’d love to share them 🙂
Jerrica Bertram6 months ago
How To 'Simple Vacation' on a Budget
We all wish we could just take a week off, or even a weekend, and get away from our adult responsibilities for a while. This sort of "how to guide" will help you find affordable places to stay whereve...
Wendi Simpson7 months ago
How to Save Money at Disney
Have you and your family been saving and planning for your Disney World vacation? Have you already checked on ticket and hotel prices? Are you wishing there was a way to save some money and still get ...
Deia De Marco7 months ago
How I Get Cheap Flights
Generally, when we travel, the most expensive part about the whole trip is just the freaking PLANE TICKET!! Let's be honest here, my bank account is about as healthy as the average college student, bu...
Molly Winton7 months ago
Exploring NYC on a Budget: Where to Go and What to See!
Okay so let's set the scene. There's six days in New York City, five inexperienced students, four modes of transport, three unforgettable restaurants, (only) two major disasters, and one unforgettable...
Ashley Robertson7 months ago
Traveling on a Budget!
So you want to travel, but have little money? Well you still can. Traveling is only expensive to a high maintenance person. So if you aren’t high maintenance and can save a few hundred dollars, then y...