budget travel

If you budget wisely, your travel funds can go a long way, though not as far as you.

Tiffany Owens4 days ago
What Crisis Can Teach Us
The scenario played itself over and over in my mind. Checking my bank account, realizing it was at zero, struggling to breathe through the ensuing panic. My dramatic brain ran off with more dramatic s...
Emma Winter10 days ago
Crisps, Chips, or Fries?
Prologue: This is my story, my tale of a trip of a lifetime! Not a hyped up, over glamorous version of what you could see and do if you had oh, let’s say, £50,000 and a year off work. If like me, you'...
Jaclyn Moore25 days ago
5 Places to Get Cheap Flights You Probably Don't Know About
Do you struggle to find cheap flights? I know the feeling. There are so many articles and ads out there for cheap flights, and everyone says they're the best, so how do you know who actually is? I’ve ...
Shanna Dewey25 days ago
How to Find Affordable Camping
Do you have a desire to camp in unusual places? Do you have a desire to stay in places that aren't necessarily a government ran camping site? Do you like meeting new people? Hipcamp might be a great s...
Lauren Haggertya month ago
7 Minimalist Tips for Stress-Free Travel
You want the experience. You want to lock eyes with a wild lion in Botswana, stay up all night and watch the northern lights in Iceland, and touch what’s left of the Berlin Wall. You couldn’t care les...
Isabelle Rayworth2 months ago
4 AM in Yellowstone National Park
4:00 AM, in the serenity of Grant Campground, Yellowstone National Park, my iPhone started blaring its alarm tone. My eyes shot open and I began patting down all my pockets in a desperate attempt to f...
Kody Allen2 months ago
Why Traveling Is Important for Both the Body and the Soul
Even at the young age of 19, I now find myself as what many would describe as a seasoned traveler. I have been to 15 countries, three continents, and most of the 50 states, and I plan to at least step...
Rachel Lesch2 months ago
Day at Old Sturbridge Village
I have not been to Old Sturbridge Village in Sturbridge, MA since I was six or seven, which is going on 15 or 16 years ago. Today, it was open for free as part of the state’s “Free Fridays” program, s...
Eli Sooker2 months ago
Why Travel is For Everyone: Anyone Can Travel
Now, I don’t know what it’s like where you come from. This might vary around the world. But in my country, especially the lower socioeconomic region I come from, travel is too often viewed as a privil...
Drew Lewis2 months ago
Luxury Within Reach
I get asked all the time how I am able to travel as much as I do. By the end of 2017, it will have seen me in Thailand, Washington DC, Atlanta, and Curacao, and possibly one other destination with all...
Maryann Virack2 months ago
Senior Single Female Alone in Iceland
My solo travels have mostly taken me throughout North America; but this last trip stretched my independence and my endurance. I was originally intrigued when several months ago I saw an online mention...
Jessica Herring3 months ago
How to Travel on a Budget
Whether you want to go across the country or somewhere only an hour or two away, it can be very pricey to travel. You should not hold yourself back because of the costs associated with traveling. It i...
Rosalyn Grams3 months ago
Scotland: Walk Coast to Coast
Did you know that you can travel across Scotland, from West Coast to East Coast by walking or kayaking the total length of the man-made Forth and Clyde Canal? – no roads required!
Chris Randall3 months ago
The Train to Pozo del Tigre
It always surprises me just how different people and their lives are when you travel around the world. Every place is different; every group of people live different lives. This brings to mind the tim...
Dora Bona3 months ago
4 Weeks Travelling in Australia on a Budget
When travellers choose Australia as a holiday destination, they soon find that it’s a vast country. To see and do as much as possible, it’s important to figure out a reasonable budget and itinerary. B...
Renee Blodgett3 months ago
Stay in a Yurt in the Catskills
Glamping isn't the kind of thing you think about in upstate New York and I wouldn't have thought yurt living was even an option until I recently discovered a place to lay your head at night in a yurt,...
Adam White4 months ago
I Was Never Meant to Go Traveling.
I was never meant to go traveling. I was happy. Contented. Sat in my home in rural England where 95% of the population called themselves white British. I didn’t see culture and I didn’t need it. A rec...
Ossiana Tepfenhart4 months ago
How To Travel the World on a Budget
Most people will tell you that traveling the world is supposed to be an expensive venture. It's supposed to be one of those things that only can happen to trust fund kids and similar. But, if you look...