budget travel

If you budget wisely, your travel funds can go a long way, though not as far as you.

Dora Bona2 years ago
4 Weeks Travelling in Australia on a Budget
When travellers choose Australia as a holiday destination, they soon find that it’s a vast country. To see and do as much as possible, it’s important to figure out a reasonable budget and itinerary. B...
Renee Blodgett2 years ago
Stay in a Yurt in the Catskills
Glamping isn't the kind of thing you think about in upstate New York and I wouldn't have thought yurt living was even an option until I recently discovered a place to lay your head at night in a yurt,...
Adam White2 years ago
I Was Never Meant to Go Traveling.
I was never meant to go traveling. I was happy. Contented. Sat in my home in rural England where 95% of the population called themselves white British. I didn’t see culture and I didn’t need it. A rec...
How To Travel the World on a Budget
Most people will tell you that traveling the world is supposed to be an expensive venture. It's supposed to be one of those things that only can happen to trust fund kids and similar. But, if you look...
Mountain Sage2 years ago
Before I arrived in Japan, I thought that I would not need a car in Japan. I was tough. Japan had trains as well. I felt I could bike everywhere. When I arrived in the town though after one week of li...
Aaron Herlocker2 years ago
Why I Sold Everything I Owned To Move To a Foreign Country, And How It Changed My Life
That's exactly what I did. First, let me explain how life led me to that decision to fly into the unknown. Maybe it will inspire you to do something similar, and it may change your life forever. At th...
Joanna White2 years ago
Top Ten Castles To Visit
Where do you see yourself wanting to travel to on vacation? Perhaps you want to go to a nice hotel and resort, or visit different tourist attractions. Maybe you even want to go see Disneyworld, or tra...
Tomás Brandão2 years ago
Solo Traveling Through Amsterdam
Recently I've had the pleasure and the chance to visit a unique and wonderful city, none other than the capital city of the Netherlands, Amsterdam. Since I'm currently living in Arnhem, a city in the ...
Marlene Affeld2 years ago
Extreme Outdoor State Of Georgia Adventures
The tribal people of the Cherokee Indian Nation that once lived in the area called the North Georgia Mountains “Sah-ka-na’-ga” or the “Great Blue Hills of God.” An integral part of the Blue Ridge Mountain chain that stretches from Georgia northward to Pennsylvania, the North Georgia Mountains offer unsurpassed beauty, serenity, and solitude.
Ben W2 years ago
Choosing the Right Travel Backpack for You
You have the money, you have the time, and you have some destinations in mind: you’re ready to live the nomadic lifestyle for a while and travel the world. This may be your dream life but the question...
Emily Holland2 years ago
Top 5 Domestic Travel Hacks
Some of you might think that there’s nothing to traveling across the country. But because of airline regulations and strict security measures, there’s a lot more to planning a domestic trip. If you wa...
Joel Carr2 years ago
Moscow Muled
My older brother Tomas, a keen enthusiast of Russian literature suggested one evening that we go to Russia on holiday. At the time I certainly felt I needed a break and maybe Mother Russia was the tri...
Kristin Hicks2 years ago
Colonial Williamsburg
When you think of the Revolutionary War and the colonies fight for freedom, what cities come to your mind? Most people go straight to Philadelphia, Boston, and even New York City. However, hidden on t...
Roger Wells2 years ago
The Sweet Pain of Leaving
Ever since I was a child in the 1950's, standing on the wharf of Melbourne pier to board the immense ship that was to take us to Europe, I have never recovered from the excitement of embarkation. Of l...
Maggie Harris2 years ago
Bribing Border Guards and Smuggling Human Remains
Late last year I took a little trip to South America. Why South America, you might ask. Well, quite simply, because someone said to me "what about South America?" And so it was decided. Due to a serie...
Jordan Davies2 years ago
Maximize Your Personal Freedom
For many, freedom is the ultimate goal in life. The highest aim. The freedom to explore, to make our own choices, to push the boundaries. To be, who we know in our heart of hearts, we can be, if only ...
Ben W2 years ago
A Weekend in Santa Marta
Santa Marta is an undiscovered gem of a city located on the northeastern tip of Atlantic coast of Colombia. I say that it’s an ‘undiscovered gem’ because it usually flies under the radar when compared...
Imogen Kars2 years ago
For the Love of Tagine
Welcome to the blue city. There is a four-year-old child clinging to his cat on the steps of his home. The blue tunnels feel like underwater caves and you almost expect sharks and dolphins to weave be...