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Kristopher Cook2 years ago
Paradise: Papua New Guinea
Somewhere along the South-Western part of the Pacific you may find yourself at a loss of everything you thought held dear. The island of Papua New Guinea is as entrancing as it is a mirage of serenity...
Angela Goodwin2 years ago
It’s been a long time since I have had a word limit to reach before a piece of work could be submitted but I will do my best to write a salient piece of text that is at least as long as required while...
Noémi Árki2 years ago
Everything About the Finnish Sauna Culture
As the destination of my first ever Erasmus experience, I chose Finland. I was aware of all the stereotypes about Finns and the country in general. The stereotype of the people being cold and not so t...
Mountain Sage2 years ago
I've been spoiled my whole life when it comes to the availability of outdoor sports that have always been at my fingertips. Growing up in the mountains of Colorado let me experience everything from th...
Cindy Moore2 years ago
The Pilgrimage
On my last day of travel in Italy, as our group journeyed back to Rome where our adventure had begun, Fabi our tour director shared a story. She directed our attention out the bus windows to a bell to...
Mountain Sage2 years ago
Right before I had decided to live in the highest skyscraper in Boulder, Colorado I had signed up for the CIEE Program. I saw studying abroad as one choice only and that was to re-visit Japan. If I we...
Mountain Sage2 years ago
Every time I step into Japan I feel it is the result of some unspoken quest for me to visit a past life. It does fall naturally that I do come from a Japanese background. It was thus that when I did s...
Claire Raymond2 years ago
Strange UK Laws
Most of us know the myth surrounding the law about the London black cabbie having to carry a bale of hay and a bag of oats in the boot of the car, and whilst this was technically true at one time, it ...
Mountain Sage2 years ago
I'd be lying if I told you that when I arrived in Narita Airport in July of 2009 that it was a new experience. The summer of 2009 marked the third time I had ventured to Japan. The first time was when...
Chloe Gilholy2 years ago
10 Things To Do This Summer
Make the most out of the lovely weather.
Joanna White2 years ago
Top Ten Castles To Visit
Where do you see yourself wanting to travel to on vacation? Perhaps you want to go to a nice hotel and resort, or visit different tourist attractions. Maybe you even want to go see Disneyworld, or tra...
Gareth Johnson2 years ago
Exploring the Costa Blanca
The Costa Blanca is one of the iconic holiday destinations that Spain is famous for. Unfortunately it seems that the Costa Blanca is famous for many of the wrong reasons — over-developed conurbations,...
Tomás Brandão2 years ago
Solo Traveling Through Amsterdam
Recently I've had the pleasure and the chance to visit a unique and wonderful city, none other than the capital city of the Netherlands, Amsterdam. Since I'm currently living in Arnhem, a city in the ...
Ben W2 years ago
Bahia Solano & Nuqui
If you’re visiting Colombia and you are really looking for an off-the-beaten track experience that most tourists who visit the country don’t get to experience, then you may want to consider visiting B...
Ben W2 years ago
Reverse Culture Shock In The USA
After being away from the United States, my home country, on and off for the past two years or so, I have dealt with the effects of ‘reverse culture shock’ when I return home. There are many long-term...
Judy Mae2 years ago
China Like You (Didn’t) Know It
Forget whatever you have heard about China previously, this country has too many dimensions and is way too diverse to be categorized singularly. A while back, I took a two-week trip to China, spending...