Whether embarking on a Eurotrip or a weekend jaunt to a foreign city, European travel requires some smart planning; you may know all the must-see landmarks, but we provide the hidden gems.

Jody Holman16 hours ago
Bordeaux, France
In the attempt to have a more “off the beaten track” experience, I went to Bordeaux instead of Paris for a year during college. While there, we came to call the place “bored-o” for the lack of things ...
Osei Agyemang3 days ago
It's the World's Smallest Country but Has a Lot to Offer in Terms of Tourism!
Even though the Vatican city is the smallest country in the world, it is a collection of cult art and architecture. This interesting city is located in southern Europe of Italy. With a little more tha...
A Week in Amsterdam
We arrived to Amsterdam on July 23, 2019 to spend a week before our 12 night Royal Caribbean Baltic cruise and had no idea it would be as hot as it was. (104 degrees!) Neither my husband, nor I, have ...
Ryan Frawley5 days ago
Never Home
Blame it on Brexit. I never thought the vote would go the way it did, and that the country I was born in would decide to tear itself away from the rest of Europe. I thought I’d always be an EU citizen...
Must See Locations When Traveling to France
Making the Most of Your Vacation in France
Rebecca Siggers10 days ago
Stonehenge Private Tour
Europe is full of historic sites that will fascinate and beguile you. But if you know where to look, there are often ways to experience these places on a more intimate level that few others are able t...
a live mammal11 days ago
Unreal City
In those days I escaped to London, walking fast down the long King's Cross platform with music blasting in my headphones, out onto dirty roads longer than I'd ever seen in the relentless heat of the s...
Steve Cole11 days ago
Finding the Backroads of France
So, how about really experiencing the backroads of France, and getting away from the heavily touristed cities and sites? There are ways to do it if you plan correctly.
Kitty Houchin12 days ago
A Millennial's Trip To:
An underestimated city, full of beautiful buildings, bustling bars and eateries galore. I must admit, when my excitable friend threw out the suggestion to have a holiday in Budapest, I was sceptical; ...
Ecologi Quest14 days ago
Iceland: What NOT to Do
Iceland is a beautiful country, with friendly wonderful people. Though, like any place, there are things that locals hate. There are also things that as a tourist, you should avoid. So here ya go.
The Fine Weather on Canary Islands
Over the past two decades, the Canary Islands have been one of the primary holiday destinations for Europeans seeking warmer winter weather, without having to travel too far. Of course, the weather is...
UK to Mongolia. You Call These Roads?
It has been five years since a journey of six weeks, driving from London to Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia, engulfed our lives. We called ourselves, 'team: one steppe beyond,' which was fitting,...
Teresa Marangon25 days ago
Back in 2010, movie theaters were under attack by many teenagers and women in love ready to see the latest rom-com starring Amanda Seyfried, Christopher Egan, and many other important actors. The newe...
Dalia Berlina month ago
Fall in Love in Venice
I dare not shut my eyes. I simply cannot. Everywhere I look is just so overwhelmingly beautiful that a simple blink has me thinking I will miss something. The city is so gorgeous and oddly it's the ve...
Rachel Herreraa month ago
The Most Unforgettable Things to Do in Dover, England
As a family of five, it is often difficult to plan a budget friendly trip that everyone will love. But Dover checked all the boxes and convinced us that this is a place to visit more than once. Below ...
Carlos Welsha month ago
Paris in Spring: 4 Things You Absolutely Should Do
This March I went to Paris with my boys. I am glad it was a family trip, you see, because romantic voyage to Paris with compulsory kissing at the top of the Tour Eiffel and eating les croissants is so...
Melina Notidou2 months ago
Why Visit Thessaloniki?
Thessaloniki is one of Greece's cultural epicentres. Located in the North of Greece's mainland, this vibrant city is a perfect blend of tourism and authentic local life. My family and I are from there...
Sophie Turner2 months ago
Road Tripping Portugal
One country. Two weeks. Four friends. So, three friends and I decided to road trip the coast of Portugal on our way to a girls holiday in Ibiza, we set off from Lisbon and left Portugal at La Raya—the...