Whether embarking on a Eurotrip or a weekend jaunt to a foreign city, European travel requires some smart planning; you may know all the must-see landmarks, but we provide the hidden gems.

Phoenix Lawson4 months ago
How to Start Learning a New Language: French
French is a language spoken in many regions and countries around the world with various dialects and vocabulary. The one thing I love about the French language is it has so many connections to Latin, ...
Jordana đź’‹4 months ago
Capri: A Naughty Dash to Italy's Finest Island
I’m not supposed to go to Capri until tomorrow—with the group, but... we have a free day and the anticipation of this magical, exclusive place is eating away at a few of us. For the sake of our intern...
Charles Quinn4 months ago
Venice at a Glance
Ahhh, Venice. Beauty, culture, romance, on paper it has it all and can truly be paradise for some of the locals. However, the amount of tourists greatly outweighs the amount of locals, and it shows. T...
Molly Olwig4 months ago
You've Seen All the 'Must-See' Spots in Paris—Now What?
The Eiffel Tower’s cool, I get it. The Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre, Notre Dame, Sainte Chapelle, Sacre Coeur—they’re famous hot spots for a reason. If you’re like me, you pay your tourist dues and vis...
Charles Quinn4 months ago
Germany at a Glance
Most people have a dream of traveling across Europe and seeing the differences in culture. After spending some time in Germany I wanted to give a perspective into some of the cultural differences betw...
Flora Mayer4 months ago
Exploring London as a Local
London is the capital city of Britain and is one of the greatest tourist attractions in the world. The city attracts approximately 15 million tourists annually. The reason for this massive number of v...
Brittnay Sharman5 months ago
5 of the Most Beautiful Towns in Northern Spain
We found that Spain is filled with hidden beauties. Well known to many for cities like Barcelona or Madrid, the north of the country is overlooked without good reason. Here we found mesmerizing beache...
sonya.k 5 months ago
Paris Hot Spots
Many people will tell you, “I have to see Paris before I die.” I was never one with those exact words on my lips, but I did have a deep interest in French (and Parisian) culture, and to satisfy both m...
Patrick Hollis5 months ago
Peterlee—the Lesser Known of the Post-War 'New Towns'
If you ever find yourself in the North East of England, almost every town and village you’ll pass will most likely have some connection to the rich coal mining history. Some of these places still have...
Alan Russell6 months ago
Bashing the Beach in St Aubin's
Close Encounter with Reality and the Tide
Alan Russell6 months ago
The Somerville Hotel, St. Aubin's, Jersey
Ask me if I would recommend it.
J. P. Dunn6 months ago
I have a love-hate relationship with Italy. The sun-drenched strip of landscape is dotted with fruit plantations, vineyards, stocky stone buildings, and ridiculous drivers, all tied together by huge, ...
Alan Russell6 months ago
Jersey Revisited
The X15 soon had me transported from the airport to the bus station in St Helier. Where the buses offload their passengers, the lighting is similar to Security in Southampton Airport that I had passed...
Tamara Iwanchyshyn6 months ago
One Night in Iceland
So I was going on a holiday, and it turns out that we needed a stop over for the airplane. The cheapest and fastest option was Iceland. So on our way back we decided to stop there for more then a coup...
Hayley Dodwell6 months ago
Here's Why Beautiful Llandudno, Wales, Is a Magical Place to Visit
Llandudno in North Wales is a place I know well. I spent many of my childhood summers there. It's a place of natural beauty, like stepping back in time to a Victorian seaside town. Known as the "Queen...
Sarah Phillips6 months ago
5 Reasons Why Kiwis and Aussies Should Come North for the Holidays
Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? Probably not if you're in the midst of beers at the beach! As a Kiwi, the concept of a white Christmas is about as foreign as it gets, but here are some reasons ...
Nick J Wood6 months ago
Provence: Paradise for Peacocks and Pigeons
In the UK, wannabe alphamale behaviour will likely lose you friends, alienating both sexes. Grey back culture does exist north of the channel, but go to any gym or bar, and watch how the majority of t...