Whether embarking on a Eurotrip or a weekend jaunt to a foreign city, European travel requires some smart planning; you may know all the must-see landmarks, but we provide the hidden gems.

Dominic Langer3 months ago
Wonderful Lisbon
Over the Easter holiday this year, I was lucky enough to go to Lisbon with my family for a week. This was a trip we had been planning to take for quite some time. As a student of modern languages incl...
Hope Vollm3 months ago
Traveling to Chernobyl
I can still remember the first time I KNEW I was going to go to Chernobyl. I was a freshman in college at a small private college in Louisiana, sitting outside before a history class with some friends...
Amanda Stamper3 months ago
10 Reasons to Visit France
Aaaaahhh, France. Just say the name aloud and the sound of the accordion will begin to play in the background while visions of the Eiffel Tower, Mona Lisa, and Notre Dame slide across your mind. It is...
Katy Gardner3 months ago
Amsterdam really is an understated gem of Europe. With so much to do all year round, in all weather, there isn’t really a bad time to go. With the sun brings beautiful scenery and long evening strolls...
Ruth Gibson3 months ago
Salamancas' Forgotten Town
I have been told that I have a gypsy soul. This is a phrase and a name that I like. This is because I have an insatiable desire to explore and discover new places. It's hard to imagine ever staying in...
Harri Smith3 months ago
The Story of a Small Town Girl Who Ran Away to Europe
For me, high school wasn't a very typical experience. Well, maybe it was typical for the majority of the population, but it wasn't what I had envisioned for myself. When I pictured high school, I imag...
C.C. Curtis3 months ago
Reasons to Visit Italy
Travelling out of the country can be a fantastic cultural experience that everyone needs to try just once if they have the opportunity. It's a wonderful way to obtain a first-hand learning experience ...
Patrick Boniface3 months ago
Rye in East Sussex
Could Rye be the prettiest town in East Sussex? It has a lot of strong competition for that particular crown. Rye is a unique coastal town, sitting on the edge of the county the town is a perfectly pr...
Gregory Segal3 months ago
A Hitchhiker's Guide to Eastern Europe
We awoke at the crack of dawn and the sky was a steely grey, as were the bags under our eyes. Towels were rolled, medicine pouches sealed, and paperbacks packed, we continued on with our ritualistic r...
Patrick Hollis4 months ago
Interrailing in... Paris
So here we were, after almost two weeks traveling across Europe, myself and Steph had arrived at the final stop on our Interrail journey. Last but not least, it was three nights in Paris. The stay in ...
Patrick Hollis4 months ago
Interrailing in... Amsterdam
Passing over the border, our next destination had us on another six hour train journey. The carriage wasn’t quite as busy as Stuttgart to Berlin, and the early journey across Berlin had made me incred...
Patrick Hollis4 months ago
Interrailing in... Gent and Bruges
Our next stop on our Interrailing journey across Europe would be perhaps the least touristy of our destinations. This was down mainly to the fact we would be spending a lot of time with our Belgian fr...
Patrick Hollis4 months ago
Interrailing in... Brussels
The last of our long haul trains were now over. As a result, the two and a half hour train from Amsterdam to Brussels felt as though it was over in a flash. We arrived into Brussels Midi Station at ar...
Patrick Hollis4 months ago
Interrailing In... Berlin
My sixth-month placement in Stuttgart may have ended, but I wasn’t about to head directly back to England. Instead, I set off on a two-week trip Interrailing around Europe with my girlfriend. Starting...
Adam Wallace4 months ago
Sardinia: The Mediterranean's Ignored Jewel
Hello, and welcome back to Second Chances where I shine a spotlight on the maligned and ignored, and I'm in the mood for a change of scenery. Typically, this column is about spotlighting movies, music...
Bleu Campbell4 months ago
Why Your Next Holiday Should Be Positano, Italy 🇮🇹
Positano can only be described as one of the most beautiful cliffside villages in the world. It’s on Southern Italy’s Amalfi Coast and is so remarkable for so many reasons. I’ve personally been to Pos...
Marilou Abruscato4 months ago
Paris Absolute
Travel. We all dream of it and eventually most of us do it. I finally did. In case you could not guess from the photo, I went to Paris, France. It was a dream come true, so much so that I went back ag...
Rasma Raisters4 months ago
Majestic Rundales Palace
This is a beautiful and magnificent Baroque style palace located in Latvia in the Rundales district Pilsrundale. It was designed by a Russian architect of Italian descent Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrell...