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Angel Henschel15 days ago
How the PCT Changed My Attitude... and My Life
I was never much of a believer in fate or life-changing epiphanies until last summer when I decided to section-hike the infamous Pacific Crest Trail. I had a series of events in my life that seemed to...
Jan Contreras2 months ago
The Power of Faith
I am remembering back to the time this photo was taken in November 2016. I had spent the past few weeks like a rolling stone, backpacking by myself through Oregon where I found a job working on a lega...
Eslieann Lefler4 months ago
Two Wandering Souls
Little did we know, there, right in front of us, was change. For months I had been planning the trip of a lifetime. I had made spreadsheets and mapped out countless routes. Organizing each stop to cre...
Kate Adams4 months ago
California Dreaming
The first time I had gone on vacation to California was when I was 16 years old. My parents finally gave in due to my bugging the crap out of them to take me to Disneyland for my "Sweet 16" Birthday. ...
Maryann Virack4 months ago
Senior Single Female Alone in Iceland
My solo travels have mostly taken me throughout North America; but this last trip stretched my independence and my endurance. I was originally intrigued when several months ago I saw an online mention...
Charli Knight4 months ago
Paris of the 90s
So, what first struck me when I entered the arrivals terminal at Václav Havel Airport were the select few people that sat awkwardly, smoking in a glass room. A room which was built into one of the lon...
Hazel Butterfield4 months ago
I Heart NYC
In the summer, without a doubt, the best way to get around is by bike. I cannot express enough how great it is, you move quicker than most cars/taxis, which also means if you are a bit of a nervous ro...
Chloe Gilholy5 months ago
A Splash In Germany
“Is there anything else in Amsterdam that you would like to see?” Ivy asked Rita. “I think we’ve seen everything that Amsterdam has to offer.” Rita nodded as she sat down on a red chair in the hotel. ...
Rebecca Akat5 months ago
I Took a Gap Year & Now I'm Moving to Hawaii
At age 14, it was clear to me that I wanted to take a Gap Year to go travel and see the world a little and be free from all those expectations that I was faced with on a day to day bases. When senior ...
Samie Jo Johnson5 months ago
3 Reasons Why People "Find Themselves" by Traveling Solo
I'm only a week into my current solo traveling stint but already I feel transformed. As I sit at the bar facing the window of the very same tea/ lunch place where I first got lunch in London over a ye...
Carlota Maura5 months ago
Girl at the Edge of Death
Fear turns you inside out. Like an invisible, open hand, it reaches out towards you from the unknown. We all have fears, and most of us hide them as far away as possible. Our fears are so defining and...
Lost In Neverland
Hey, So let me introduce myself. I'm Kim and I have been an au pair in the Netherlands for about 4 months now. It's a very challenging experience and I learn something new every single day, plus I get...
J.C. Marie6 months ago
Me First
I have always loved travel, although I haven't done it nearly as much as I want to. In high school, I traveled to Italy and Greece and fell in love. The architecture was so beautiful, the culture so r...
Maggie Harris6 months ago
Bribing Border Guards and Smuggling Human Remains
Late last year I took a little trip to South America. Why South America, you might ask. Well, quite simply, because someone said to me "what about South America?" And so it was decided. Due to a serie...
Carlota Maura6 months ago
White Blank Page
I closed my eyes and absorbed the darkness, letting everything around me come alive. I had roamed the streets for hours, taking it all in: the smell of melted mozzarella on the world’s finest pizzas; ...
Imogen Kars6 months ago
For the Love of Tagine
Welcome to the blue city. There is a four-year-old child clinging to his cat on the steps of his home. The blue tunnels feel like underwater caves and you almost expect sharks and dolphins to weave be...