Everything but the Ticket; Wander is your guide to the best activities, hotels, restaurants and holes-in-the-wall to check out on your trip.

Bradley Good6 days ago
A Day Trip to Franklin, Indiana
There's more than just corn in Indiana.
Crystal Heart16 days ago
Abu Dhabi-Dubai
When people think of UAE, they automatically think of Dubai, Burj Khalifa, and resorts, overall a luxury spot for vacations. Whether it be family or a romantic gateway, UAE has a lot to offer. So, rec...
Eric Harper20 days ago
These Are the Best Cities for Interior Design
If you’re an interior designer, you’ve probably wondered if you're in the right city for your career, or if you should consider moving. Relocating for a job isn’t the right move for everyone, but it’s...
Kimberly Crawford2 months ago
Getting the Most Out of Washington DC
I have been dying to take my kids to Washington DC for a long time now. I was waiting for them to be at an age where they could really appreciate it. I loved touring Washington when I was a kid and I ...
Emily Jack3 months ago
Places You Must Visit While You Spend Your Vacation in Costa Rica
Though belonging to a rugged Central American terrain, Costa Rica, with expansive coastlines on the Caribbean and Pacific Oceans, has been an emerging popular tourism spot. Though being home to a rain...
Nick Rocco5 months ago
Christmas in Chicago
There are so many things to do in the city during the holidays, it's almost impossible to keep up. For those of you holiday-holics that are planning to jam-pack the next few weeks of non-stop festive ...
Exploring England Expertly
When visiting London, the most exciting thing to do is to enjoy the people. Let's be honest, in such a large, bustling city, most tourists don't actually get to see Buckingham Palace or Big Ben, and i...
Cynthia Cline6 months ago
Savannah, Georgia
Located on the coast of Georgia separated by the Savannah River to South Carolina is a small tourist town filled with history from the houses to the streets, unique stores, and hidden gems of restaura...
Callum Kemp6 months ago
Turkey 2018
It all started in the spring. First lads holiday, looking for somewhere cheap and new to visit. After checking on holiday sites such as LastMinute, Teletext, and TUI, we found the perfect priced holid...
Lisa Briskey7 months ago
Enchanted Forest Theme Park
The Enchanted Theme Park was built by Roger and his wife, Mavis. Roger realized that there was very little a family could do in Salem, Oregon. He thought of an idea for a theme park, so he bought 20 a...
Meghan T7 months ago
Traveler's Guide to Kauai
So you made it! You're here at the Lihue airport. You've been waiting for this day for a long time and it's finally here. You land and grab your luggage, what next? The island of Kauai is a magical pl...
Vaden Chandler8 months ago
Things to See and Do in Greenland (Yes, Greenland)
If you are visiting Greenland, you might not be surprised at the remarks you receive when you tell your friends and acquaintances about it. “Won't it be cold?” and “What will you eat?” might be some o...
Katie F8 months ago
How to Get the Most out of Your City Break
After travelling to a few cities and even living a train journey away from one, I have learnt the best ways to enjoy cities and finding the wonders deep inside them!
Georgia Tendall9 months ago
Exploring the Greek Island of Kythira
Located off the southern tip of the Peloponnese, the island of Kythira is a jewel in the Ionian Sea. The birthplace of my grandparents, it has always felt like a second home to me. I have spent many s...
Caitlin Zigler9 months ago
Walt Disney World, Orlando, FL
Planning a trip to Walt Disney World can be a huge undertaking, especially if you are have never been before or don't even know where to begin! But for many (including yours truly) planning the trip c...
Ramona B.9 months ago
Best Cities to Visit in California
There is a reason why this coastal state attracts so many people all year round. Perfect weather, plenty of attractions, diversity, and stunning nature! It's no wonder several songwriters have made hi...
Ada Zuba9 months ago
Camping Hacks for First Timers
It's summer again! yay! Even though there is not much time left for your camping adventures here are a few useful tips and tricks. This is meant for first-timers. 1. Don't leave in the middle of the d...
E DM9 months ago
How to Tackle the Ring Road in Iceland in Summer
Disclaimer: This is a guide for an eight to ten-day trip. Seven days is not enough to do the ring road! So, you're planning on doing a trip to Iceland in the summer. Lucky you! Now, you can't exactly ...