If nothing else, travel opens your eyes to the colorful quilt that is humankind.

Montse Miranda4 days ago
Small Experiences Teach Life Changing Lessons
Imagine for a second that you were raised in a country that claims itself as “Center of the world, heart of the universe.” You’d think that cultural understanding is common, wouldn’t you? Well, I was,...
G. G8 days ago
Travel Types
There are a number of different people you will build relationships with while travelling, and if you do as I did (a small group tour for eight weeks) you will form those bonds before you even realise...
Gather Round, Gather Round—The Killing Fields, Folks!
Morgan Veysey14 days ago
Just Another Daydream
I've been dreaming of moving to New York City for some time now. Since I realized what a talent for writing I have, I've been aching to move to the big city, hoping I'll make a big break there. People...
Ruth Gibson15 days ago
The Hardest Thing About Travelling
Planning your dream trip is exciting. Where will you go? What will you see? How long will you stay in each place? Who might you meet? What modes of transport will you use? There are so many questions ...
Melissa Lhune15 days ago
Why We Travel
A couple of months ago, we were having a chat about our world tour with one of our couch surfing hosts in Turin and when I mentioned we'd only been on the road for two months, he laughed and said “Wow...
Jumana Boutari21 days ago
The Handmade Bracelets
Until this day I’m trying to figure out where my head was when I almost made 4 people miss an international flight over some handmade bracelets. It was the last morning my family and I were in Cancun ...
Sammy Hussain2 months ago
Giving Up: The Road Too Often Travelled
Travelling for me was a way to escape, as it is for a lot of people. Though I knew this at heart, I don't believe I ever allowed myself to admit it. When I left my job to travel through India, I saw i...
Hayley Winter2 months ago
Emotion is natural, and travelling generally evokes a multitude of different emotions. Excitement, anticipation, and joy are some of the positive ones. However, there are some emotions you may feel th...
Gabriel Cabrera2 months ago
April 28, 2017 - Horse Cave, KY - Sam, Julia, and Ethan
Today, I woke up with absolutely no idea that I would do something my parents, television, and society at large always said not to do: I picked up a group of hitchhikers. As a veteran of a Drum Corps ...
Delilah Jayde3 months ago
7 Strange Valentine’s Day Traditions From Around the World
In America, we all know how Valentine's Day works: it is a day to declare your undying love, sprinkled with boxes of chocolates, bouquets of roses and romantic gestures that you've saved up all year f...
Lilly Kaly3 months ago
Wanderlust. It’s become such a popular phrase in today's society. You can find the words carefully etched onto jewelry pieces and lettered on maps and canvases in just about every Target you walk into...
Kristine Byrum3 months ago
Why Do We Travel?
Most anyone who is asked the question "would you like to travel the world?" will answer yes, but most people never will. Excuses always come up and important problems present themselves in our daily l...
Amanda Tynan3 months ago
The Exact Moment I Fell in Love With Los Angeles
It’s everybody. All the time. Working. Dreaming. Driving. Struggling. Thriving. Getting fucked. Hoping that this match isn’t another person trying to promote their career from Tinder. [3:33 PM] I am s...
Chel Sel3 months ago
New Week New Family
One of the most important aspects of my journey here in Thailand was doing a village homestay. Prior to the homestay, I've never experienced one so I was a little nervous, but definitely ready for the...
Cannelle R-m3 months ago
Who Am I?
I often get asked if I consider myself more French or German. Having a German mother and a French father, I have been raised in between two cultures. I was born in France but lived most of my life in ...
Kristina Slottke3 months ago
Three Reasons Why Going to a Summer Camp Can Literally Change Your Life
I want to start off by saying I'm completely biased to the camp I've been attending since I was seven, but I'm sure that all camps have a great experience, and are special in their own way. When I was...