If nothing else, travel opens your eyes to the colorful quilt that is humankind.

Anna Eisenberg7 months ago
So I guess I’m selling out, or giving in, whichever is less pathetic. Starting a blog; I think I’ve fought it for a good while. I’m not sure why I decided to make one. I honestly don’t believe many pe...
Carlota Maura7 months ago
Girl at the Edge of Death
Fear turns you inside out. Like an invisible, open hand, it reaches out towards you from the unknown. We all have fears, and most of us hide them as far away as possible. Our fears are so defining and...
J.C. Marie7 months ago
Me First
I have always loved travel, although I haven't done it nearly as much as I want to. In high school, I traveled to Italy and Greece and fell in love. The architecture was so beautiful, the culture so r...
John Hatanaka7 months ago
The Flow
Once I was in the flow everything happened fast. I still remember rising early in the morning in Cairns and saying goodbye at a corner to Jen and then walking to the airport. A few hours later I was i...
John Hatanaka7 months ago
New Castle To Cairns
I returned from my trip south with a new sense of adventure. So far, the spontaneity card had been working out nicely, and I was eager to try it again. While in New Castle, I had gradually come to kno...
Judy Mae7 months ago
China Like You (Didn’t) Know It
Forget whatever you have heard about China previously, this country has too many dimensions and is way too diverse to be categorized singularly. A while back, I took a two-week trip to China, spending...
Virginia Carter7 months ago
Why I Live In Mississippi
Behind every name, there is a story. The ones we recall are lucky enough to be written down and repeated; these narratives resonate with others and through continued storytelling, people determine the history of our past. 2017 finds us as the chosen ones to transcribe what the future will know about our time and the people who laid the groundwork for the lives of those to come. As William Faulkner succinctly explains, "The past is never dead. It's not even past." Just after midnight on June 12, ...
Jamiah Sandles7 months ago
Behind the Sky
One day a driver is headed home from a usual work day. Most drivers listen to music as they travel from point A to point B, but this driver often likes the sound of her own thoughts. Surrounded by the...
Benjamin Weinberg7 months ago
For the Love of the Game
One of the best things about living in a foreign country is exploring and becoming immersed in the local sports scene. When you’re living outside the U.S., a different kind of football takes precedenc...
Carlota Maura7 months ago
White Blank Page
I closed my eyes and absorbed the darkness, letting everything around me come alive. I had roamed the streets for hours, taking it all in: the smell of melted mozzarella on the world’s finest pizzas; ...
Walt Page7 months ago
Just An Old Country Road
Unless you have lived in a city all your life, you probably have driven or walked down a country road. Sometimes it's a road home, a road to Grandma's house or to a favorite fishing or hunting spot. S...
Carlota Maura8 months ago
Against All Odds: Tandeka's Story
The Sun beamed and I could feel the hard heat on the back of my neck. The grass shuffled, and we all stood there, quite still, quite petrified, before a beast we knew could tear our heads off in a mat...
Imogen Kars8 months ago
For the Love of Tagine
Welcome to the blue city. There is a four-year-old child clinging to his cat on the steps of his home. The blue tunnels feel like underwater caves and you almost expect sharks and dolphins to weave be...
Angela Duran8 months ago
The Purple Backpack
If the little girl I was could see me now, with my purple backpack on my back, old tennis shoes and walking by myself on the streets of Rome, she would smile gladly. That is what was crossing my mind ...
Guillermo Calvo8 months ago
Siestas are Interesting
There’s good news in the world but it seems weighted towards the Southern Hemisphere although it starts somewhat north of the Equator. A continent, artificially severed by a canal, curled around a thr...
Annie Kiely8 months ago
Top Countries for American Expats
For most people, America is the destination, rather than a place to depart. People and families from all over the world struggle for the opportunity to come to the United States and start their lives ...
Jared Rimer9 months ago
How Do You Travel When You Can't See?
Hello, everyone, I'm Jared Rimer. I've been blind since I was born. I know a lot of people are sighted out there, and they have no idea how we travel, and do other things in life. Picture yourself losing your sight, and you've been traveling and doing daily tasks your whole life. Let's say you go blind tomorrow. You have nobody to help you, but you have an idea of some resources out there that will provide the help you need. Since I've been blind my whole life, I've learned various techniques wh...
Dr. Williams9 months ago
The Road To Timbuktu
No, this is not a remake of a Bing Crosby and Bob Hope movie. You know, those road trip movies of the 1940's. Although they were quite funny. When we think of Timbuktu it conjures up images of such a ...