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Raechel Brunson14 days ago
Five Van Life Vloggers You Need to Be Watching
By the time we reach adulthood, most of us have given up on our dreams of living an adventurous life free of worry and responsibility. We go to college, get desk jobs, pay our rent, and put what we ca...
7 Healthy Hiking Snacks to Fuel You on the Trails
Are you looking forward to some hiking time with your friends or family? It is surely going to be a great day out there in the open and in an elevated trail. If you are planning to go out and breathe ...
Trish Gilmore21 days ago
The 10 Best Ways to Learn a Foreign Language Fast
If you have a trip coming up and you're looking for ways to learn a foreign language fast, there are plenty of tools, memorization tactics, apps, and courses you can use to accomplish your goal. It's ...
Faith Summera month ago
13 Insanely Cool Movie Locations
Did your fave movie make the list?
Mike Ferrya month ago
10 Reasons Why You Should Visit County Donegal, Ireland's 'Hidden Gem'
If you ever have the chance to go to Ireland, you’ll have to include County Donegal on your itinerary. It’s wild, rugged, remote, and far removed from Ireland’s top tourist attractions. Visitors to Do...
11 Great Gifts for People Who Want to Visit Japan
I'll admit it. One of my personal dreams is to visit Japan. I want to tour the streets of Tokyo, visit Shinto shrines, check out authentic yakisoba (translates from Japanese to: fried buckwheat), and ...
Ossiana Tepfenhart2 months ago
10 Mysterious Ancient Sites You Will Want to Visit
The ancient world left many questions that we will never know the answers to. With thousands of years gone by and little written record of how things were done, every single culture has its own strang...
Eta Visa3 months ago
Which Countries Require Visas for US Citizens?
Most countries all over the world do not require US citizens to have visas. Being a leading world power, I could see why this makes sense. If anything, the US is one of the most secure countries in th...
5 Things I Never Travel Without
When I travel, I like to feel cool, comfortable, and relaxed. Without worry or discomfort. But we all know that travel can be full of ups and downs. There is always a possibility for things to go wron...
Bethany Rollinson4 months ago
10 Unknown Stories from London
Many wonderfully crazy things have happened in London, England over its many centuries. From finding mice in a lady’s hair being a normality to a one-legged man who travelled up and down a single esca...
Kaitlyn Smith6 months ago
France has the only two things toward which we drift as we grow older- intelligence and good manners.” —F. Scott Fitzgerald
Kaylea Kidd6 months ago
5 Reasons to Travel More
Do you need a reason to travel? Are you traveling enough? Is there such thing as traveling enough? There are many reasons to travel or travel more. Here are five key reasons why people should be trave...
Caitlin Zigler7 months ago
20 Movies to Watch Before Your Trip to Universal Studios, FL and Islands of Adventure
Over 100 years of movie magic has inspired so many attractions and characters at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure that have brought smiles, tears, and laughter to millions. Before you embark...
Caitlin Zigler7 months ago
43 Movies to See Before Your Trip to Walt Disney World
Over 75 years of movie magic has inspired so many attractions and characters at Walt Disney World that have brought smiles, tears, and laughter to millions. Before you embark on your trip of a lifetim...
Grace Lynch8 months ago
Universal Studios Orlando
Like my Disney World list, rides that I haven't ridden - such as the new Fast and Furious ride - will not be included in the list as it would be unfair to pass judgment on these rides. Also, rides tha...
SF Adahy8 months ago
Beginner Back-Packing Trails in the United States
Does the idea of traveling long-distance travel on foot excite you? Looking to travel around the country without breaking the bank? Back-packing is the perfect solution to both those questions. Below ...
Conor Hufton8 months ago
Baby Seagulliver's Travels
10th of July for some people was the day David Sedaris performed a book reading in Cardiff, but, for me, it was Tuesday.