middle east

The Middle East may not have peace, but the region is perfect for travelers looking for gorgeous views, rich history, and cultural diversity.

Osei Agyemang 5 days ago
The Great Valley of Elah—The Region of the Battlefield!
I remember what I heard when I was a cute, little boy about the story of David and Goliath. I was so fascinated about the trend of the story, especially when little David overpowered the giant Goliath...
In my last post, I addressed the various countries that I wish to go to, but due to their laws, I wouldn’t feel secure going to those places. Afghanistan doesn’t actually refer to homosexuality, never...
Jacob Brown7 months ago
The Holy Land
As I write this, I'm on a flight across the Atlantic Ocean back to the states. I'm returning from Israel, otherwise known as "The Holy Land", "The Land of Milk and Honey", "יִשְׂרָאֵל", or as the U.N....
Seema Guptaa year ago
Top 5 Factors to Keep in Mind When Buying a House in Hyderabad
Be it commercial or residential, there is a consistent rise in the number of buyers. The supportive state policies, such as ease of doing business, availability of infrastructure like metro, and deser...
James Menziesa year ago
Reflections on a Week in Israel
Almost four years on from my Israel trip and I’m still missing Tel Aviv. Recently, I’ve been replaying parts of the holiday in my mind, and feeling lucky that I got the chance to visit such an interes...
Hediye Ka year ago
Why Visit Turkey
One place I’ve always wanted to visit was the country of Turkey, or Türkiye, in Turkish. Turkey is one of those wonders of the world that many people seem to not know enough of, or know some stuff but...
Journey to Israel's Civil Defence Front Line
Travellers seldom select new towns. What attraction is to be found in the shadow of concrete boxes? It pays to make an exception, however, for it is here that people live with their stories, vitality,...
Archie Swenson2 years ago
Why You Should Make Iran Your Next Travel Destination
Last year, I was fortunate enough to undertake a 15 day tour of Iran.
Yat Yu2 years ago
Travel Safe: How to Dress in Iran
After spending ten months traveling around the world, I must say that Iran was one of my favorite countries to travel. It is a lovely country with rich, cultured background and extremely friendly peop...
Cato Conroy2 years ago
Things You Should Know Before Traveling To Saudi Arabia
The Middle East is one of the few places where travelers often feel intimidated about going to. It's common knowledge that going to the wrong country, or even the wrong region, without knowing customs...
Cato Conroy2 years ago
How To Be Polite In the Middle East
When you're traveling abroad, it's absolutely vital to realize that you're representing your home country to the rest of the world. Whenever you're outside of your home country, you are a guest in som...
Scott Snowden2 years ago
Abu Dhabi: Desert Rose or Just Dust and Rocks?
Fifty years ago, Abu Dhabi was not much more than empty desert punctuated only by the occasional palm tree. Bedouin tribes still roamed, sustaining themselves by harvesting dates, pearls and fish. The...