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Kevin 9 hours ago
How Spend All Day Walking on Vacation and Still Have Fun
Walking is a big part of many vacations. You want to explore and visit all the amazing sights that your destination has to offer. Some people are used to walking around a lot, while others hardly ever...
Britney Clayton5 days ago
3 Ways Technology Has Changed Travel
Technology is changing the way we do absolutely everything. Whether you’re willing to admit it or not, we are becoming increasingly reliant on —from simple daily tasks to large scale societal trends. ...
Madison Zygadlo7 days ago
Maine Is an Easy State to Move Away From, But Even Harder to Leave When You Visit
The title may seem confusing. How can a state be so easy to move out of, but so hard to leave when you visit? As someone who moved far, far away from home, I can tell you that it makes all the sense i...
Kevin 18 days ago
How to Be a Seasoned Traveler
We all have a little wanderlust in us. That urge to go out and explore the world, eat different foods, and embrace different cultures. I would argue that traveling is a necessity for all people, and e...
Charlie Cooper18 days ago
The Story of All My Travel F*ck Ups and How You Can Learn from Them
Mia Johnsona month ago
Tips for Packing Smart for a Road Trip
Whenever you’re getting ready for a trip, packing can present a problem. Everything has to fit in your car and it has to fit snuggly, so that you and your family can be comfortable. You have to focus ...
Megan Longa month ago
Disney with Disabilities
I love Disney World. It's one of my favorite place to go and my family do try and go once a year, when we can afford it. My mother and I are both disabled. My mom is on dialysis and is a diabetic, I h...
Kevin 2 months ago
3 Things You Might Forget to Pack for a Road Trip
You’re about to hit the open road for a weeklong trip. The car’s all gassed up, you have the best snacks, and music all picked out, and you’ve written down every address and phone number you need in y...
A Detailed Overview of Travel Options Between London and Southampton for Cruising Enthusiasts!
Heading for a cruise vacation? Have you got everything sorted for the perfect vacation? If yes, you must have thought of how to get to and from your cruise. A well-planned vacation includes each and e...
Kevin 2 months ago
Bring Your Healthy Lifestyle With You On Vacation
Just because you go on vacation, it doesn’t mean that you have to make unhealthy decisions. It is fine to indulge a little bit, but it is also possible to make smart choices, even when traveling. Here...
Leila Dorari2 months ago
Six Friendliest Cities in the World for Learning the English Language
English is a lingua franca of today, and it is almost a necessity to learn, at least some of it, to be able to communicate with people from around the world. Although standard language lessons can giv...
Marta Gajin2 months ago
Top 5 Places to Visit in England
Amidst the castles, historic monuments, and royalty that is still present, you will find contemporary attractions, and incredible shops for those who have a day of shopping in the cities they visit. O...
Exploring in & Around Girona, Spain
Girona is a very proudly Catalonian city sitting in the north east of Spain, it's filled with bridges, history, and a rich culture. A somewhat hidden gem in the shadow of Barcelona, which is just a li...
Nicole Ann2 months ago
Four Things You Can Do When You Can’t Get Over Your Recent Travel
When you travel, you forget every task you have at home, in school, or at work. It’s a time you heal from all stress you get from work. It’s a time to take a break from everything that bothers you. It...
Megan Andresen3 months ago
London in a List
London calling! I recently was asked for recommendations on all things London by one of my best friends who is visiting there in May. I don't think I have ever been more excited to make a list in my l...
Emily Andrews3 months ago
4 Tips to Plan the Ultimate Long Weekend Road Trip
Friend 1: "Hey, we have a long weekend coming up. What are your plans?" Friend 2: "No plans yet... Wanna go on an epic road trip?" Friend 1: "Great idea!" Friend 2: "Alright! Let's get the gang togeth...
Nathalie Martin3 months ago
Save, Spend, & Splurge: Holiday Edition!
As I am already thinking of holidaying, I thought I would share some obvious and not-so obvious gems. Below are a few destinations where you could be putting your feet up and chilling for a well-earne...
Mia Man4 months ago
First Thing First
How would you know if you want to read something I am writing about if you don’t know who the heck I am? I am afraid I don’t really know who the heck I am either. I can tell you random things about my...