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Clara Milstead25 days ago
10 Tips to Save Money While Traveling
AirBnB. Way cheaper than hotels, AirBnB are places where you can get a room or even an entire place. Hosts can rent just one room or several or they can rent out and entire house and/or apartment. Don...
Courtney Gowlanda month ago
Differences from the UK to the US That You Might Need to Know!
We all love America, but it is very different from home, so be prepared! Here are a few things that might be useful to you, taking into account that I am writing about the state of Georgia, in the South, and that every state has different rules and laws, but I will include broader differences also.
Steven Altmana month ago
Minimalist, Ok?
I would like to tell you that I was a minimalist before it was cool. That this has been a massive part of my life and always will be. I can't, it wouldn't be the right thing to do. I will keep it simp...
Letitia Paynea month ago
The First Backpacking Trip: What I Should Have Done
In May this year I embarked on my first ever backpacking adventure. In fact it was my first time leaving Europe at all. The destination was Vietnam, a journey beginning in the south with the sprawling...
Tomás Brandãoa month ago
Moving 101
My life has been quite a rollercoaster of emotions, and in great part due to the last few years, where I’ve been fortunate enough to have experienced the chance to hop around countries. And much can b...
Michala White2 months ago
Why Your Next Vacation Should Be All Inclusive
The perfect vacation shouldn't stress you out before you even get there. That defeats the whole purpose of a vacation. I took my first ever all inclusive vacation on a resort, and I don't think I'll g...
Julia Skinner2 months ago
I Rode My Bike to the Black Sea
About a month ago now I was sat alone on a crowded beach in Bulgaria. With an aching arm from a tetanus shot, stitches all up my leg and bottle of wine in hand, I vacantly looked out at the black sea ...
E.A. Forster2 months ago
Guided Group Tours
So you want to travel, vacation somewhere new or go sightseeing, but planning a vacation can be expensive and stressful. It seems like everything cool costs money and FOMO really sets in, there's so m...
Bri Colston2 months ago
Travel Advice
Traveling; it’s something we do everyday. Whether we’re just traveling to work, to school, or home, we all travel. However, some of us travel far and wide—sometimes to our nation’s capital for a schoo...
Maddie Green2 months ago
How to Travel the Right Way
From someone who's lived in three continents, and travelled in even more since they were too young to remember, here's how to make the most of your travelling.
Saul 2 months ago
Okay then guys, first of all, I’ll introduce myself. My name is Saul, I’m 24 years old, and I'm originally from England, UK. I love traveling and capturing my adventure via photos and video. If you ar...
Sam Larson3 months ago
Is Your Next Vacation Safe?
When we think of vacation, we find ourselves daydreaming about beautiful weather, lounging, eating well, and going on excursions. One of the last things on our mind is a vacation accident, although th...
Megan Alagna3 months ago
How to Have the Greatest Adventure in Buenos Aires, Argentina
The first steps I took out of Ezeiza Airport were met with sunshine and warmth that my Chicago-dwelling self was not used to. When I hosted the girl who I later lived with in Buenos Aires, she told me...
Evelien DM3 months ago
Where to Camp for Free in Iceland
If you want to read my posts about what to pack when going to Iceland in the summer and what to visit, check out these posts: here AND here. Disclaimer: Unfortunately we did not find a free place to s...
Cruising Alaska's Inside Passage from Vancouver on a Budget
The natural beauty of Alaska, still teaming with wildlife is an adventure not to be missed; even on a budget, you are able to explore this great country while experiencing five-star luxury onboard Hol...
Why Cruise?
Consider the benefits of seeing the world from the bow of a ship, spending time touring more than one destination, with the added bonus of unpacking only once. Whether you set sail looking for specifi...
SF Adahy3 months ago
One With Nature: A Call to Enjoy the Outdoors Without Technology
It's the weekend! that means its time to hit the open road. People everywhere are starting their trips to the mountains, beach, or favorite campsite. Come Monday, you're bound to see some posts on Ins...