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Bethany Ashlyn5 days ago
Why You Should Turn Your Phone Off on Vacation
Going on vacation is always an escape from the world that awaits us back at home. Whether it is beaches or forests, a new place is bound to bring happy memories for years to come. However, there is so...
Lindsay Page10 days ago
The Truth About Traveling
and how anybody can do it
Dani Hendrix11 days ago
Amazing Tips for First-Time Travelers
So you have made the wonderful (but sometimes scary) decision to travel the world. Deciding to travel for the first time can be a huge step, and one that is not for the faint of heart. While traveling...
Jennah Mitchell15 days ago
Planning a Multi-Person Trip
Over the years, we have taken many multi-person trips, whether it is just us and the kids, travel with friends, or even family reunions that have multiple families coming together to a fun destination...
Veronica Uson16 days ago
Free Parking on Las Vegas Strip
Do you ever plan to visit Las Vegas, Nevada? If so, here is a little guide to finding free parking. It has been a very long time since we have been to the Las Vegas Strip. (Until just a few months ago...
Tipsy Raven18 days ago
Survey and Self Aware
For anyone choosing to embark on any trip I'd always recommend a bit of forethought. With equipment being such a big part of a travel, being informed is absolutely mandatory. Even if you're just backpacking somewhere you should never just throw a bag over your shoulder and go. Bags fit a certain way, or sometimes not at all. Not all gear is made the same. Any tool taken with you has pros and cons. With a sailboat, meant to take you around the world, there is certainly no lack of cons. The pros, ...
S. E. Gregorya month ago
25 Safety Tips for Traveling
We live in a beautiful and vast world filled with all sorts of amazing sights and flavors. Thankfully, since the invention of the internet, its become much smaller and easier to experience other cultu...
Kevin a month ago
The Magic of Traveling
Everyone loves a vacation. Whether you are visiting relatives, hitting the beach, staying at the cabin by the lake, or exploring the mountains. Sometimes you just relax, and other times, every day is ...
Olivia Pictona month ago
Things To Keep In Mind When Traveling
You've prepared for your trip and now you're ready to go. There are some things that you should not forget before you leave. Taking care of some tasks beforehand will give you a smoother trip. Getting...
Simplifying Your Travels and Adventures
What’s a travel adventure without the perfect companion to share the thrills with you? Whether you are vacationing, camping, or just going outdoors for the day, having good company with you can make a...
Brady Hinea month ago
Keeping Calm When Plans Go Wrong
Everyone has made plans for a trip that didn't quite work out in the past, and, in the moment, it can seem frustrating. Yet, more often than not, the things that go wrong are usually what also makes t...
Melina Notidoua month ago
Long Layovers in the Airport
Layovers between flights can be pretty exhausting. Whether you've had to wait two hours or 24, it's difficult to find what to do—especially if you're itching to get to your destination, and have nowhe...
Kevin a month ago
How Traveling Can Positively Affect Your Life
When life gets busy, it can be easy to lose yourself in all of your work, and not do this. However, you need to take the time in order to recharge yourself. Travel is a great way to recharge yourself ...
Brian Anonymous2 months ago
It's Okay to Be a Bum on Vacation, but It Has Its Costs
Traveling is amazing. I think the majority of people out there would love to go travel, but I also don't think all destinations are for everyone. I noticed this when I went to Cappadocia, Turkey. Don'...
Kevin 2 months ago
How to Spend All Day Walking on Vacation and Still Have Fun
Walking is a big part of many vacations. You want to explore and visit all the amazing sights that your destination has to offer. Some people are used to walking around a lot, while others hardly ever...
Britney Clayton2 months ago
3 Ways Technology Has Changed Travel
Technology is changing the way we do absolutely everything. Whether you’re willing to admit it or not, we are becoming increasingly reliant on —from simple daily tasks to large scale societal trends. ...
Madison Zygadlo2 months ago
Maine Is an Easy State to Move Away From, But Even Harder to Leave When You Visit
The title may seem confusing. How can a state be so easy to move out of, but so hard to leave when you visit? As someone who moved far, far away from home, I can tell you that it makes all the sense i...
Kevin 2 months ago
How to Be a Seasoned Traveler
We all have a little wanderlust in us. That urge to go out and explore the world, eat different foods, and embrace different cultures. I would argue that traveling is a necessity for all people, and e...