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Lists of the best of all things travel: A roundup of the world's best vacation hotspots, rugged backpacking adventures and instructions to prepare for the trip of a lifetime.

E DMa year ago
What to Pack for a Summer Trip to Iceland
If you've ever wondered what to pack for a summer trip to Iceland, you're not the only one! Before traveling to Iceland myself, I had to look up different blogposts about what to pack, and I still did...
Amazing cities to visit, A-Z
There are a whopping 195 countries on Earth! Step back and let that sink in. Our planet is home to 195 separate countries each having their own language, geography, cultures, customs, and people. If y...
Julia Talbota year ago
5 Great Things to Do in Santa Fe, NM
Santa Fe is a vibrant and truly historic city in northern New Mexico. Most people think of Native American pottery or silver and turquoise jewelry if they think of the City Different at all. Santa Fe ...
5 Things to Know When Preparing to Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro
Just after Christmas in 2016, I set out on the adventure of a lifetime —climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. The trip and climb was a huge success, but there were still some things I wish I'd done to be better p...
Ada Zubaa year ago
Top Places to Travel
Hello! Are you thinking about traveling but not so sure where to go? Well, do not worry. Here is a list of places you must visit before you die. This list was very hard to compile because there are so...
Joe Dorisha year ago
Hottest Temperature Record for Each Month of the Year for New York
New York is one of the most populated and most visited cities in the world. For all the people living in New York and all the tourists thinking of visiting the city, here is a list of the hottest temp...
April Demarcoa year ago
Best Cruise Destinations to Visit in 2018
From Athens to Dubrovnik, the best cruise destinations are some of the most exciting vacation spots we can think of. Whether it be for the culture, history, or sightseeing, there is a cruise destinati...
Lancelot Tuckera year ago
10 Best Beaches in the World Where You Can Get a Great Suntan
The world is full of lovely beaches and all you have to do is take a trip to one of them. Comparing the best beaches in the world with others is like comparing the value of gold to wood. Traveling to ...
Selina 2 years ago
5 Places You Need to Add to Your Travel Bucket List
Traveling is a passion for many people across the world. The adventure, freedom and the thrill that comes with traveling is something of an addiction. So for all the people who take joy in discovering...
Mimo le Singe2 years ago
Travel Green! Top Eco-countries to Visit in 2018
Make 2018 a year for unforgettable escapades anywhere in the world! Here are six destinations that are either underrepresented on top lists and travel features, or are simply captivating with their ri...
Reese O'Toole2 years ago
Best Places to Visit to Experience the Great Lakes
10 Amazing Places the Great Lakes Have to Offer
Brianna Redmond2 years ago
The 10 Best Things to Do When Visiting Los Angeles
For however long you plan to visit, here is concise list of "must-sees" in the beautiful city of Los Angeles.
Top 6 Affordable Tropical Getaways
We’re coming down to the end of the year and temperatures keep dropping. Some of us are looking to escape the cold, but we may be a bit unsure about where we want to go. If you are planning a trip, he...
Rowan Marley2 years ago
Worst Traveling Disasters of the 2000s
Travel has a tendency of being viewed as one of the most glamorous and adventurous things you can do. Truthfully, there's always a little bit of cool and overall epic adventure that you can expect—eve...
Anna Henson2 years ago
10 Things To See On Kaua'i
I started visiting the island of Kauai back in 2011. I fell deeply in love with it immediately and decided to return as soon as I could possibly manage. Before I knew it, I was visiting 2–4 times a ye...
Raven 2 years ago
Top 10: Most Beautiful Places
Do you want to spend your weekend somewhere with your friends and family but you don't know where to go? Don't worry, I'm here to help you out— all you have to do is sit back, relax and finish this un...
Jennifer Rasal2 years ago
The Train Travellers Spotting Guide
Trains and train stations are a fascinating place for people watching, all the hustle and bustle of a busy station, there are always a mismatch of characters from all walks of life coming together for...