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No matter how much you plan, there are bound to be bumps in the road; tips to ensure the optimal travel experience.

Justin Monsanto5 days ago
8 Exciting Activities to Do in New York City That Your Tour Guide Will Not Show You
New York City is an amazing place to both live and visit. Whether you’re a morning person who wants to enjoy the city during the day or a night owl who is looking to see why they call it the city that...
Robert Edward6 days ago
Avail the Benefits of Parking Facilities for a Better Trip
It is no surprise why some travellers are desperate to avoid the hassle of self-parking. They are totally aware of how nerve wracking it can be. It is like one wrong move can put you in the worst poss...
Parisian Vacation Fails
1. Pick one or two things you really want to explore. The only thing my family actually did was visit Versailles because we all love the history of it. However, be prepared for overcrowding and not re...
Nicola P. Young8 days ago
10 Backpacking Tips from Experts
Backpacking can be exciting, meditative, beautiful, great exercise... a lot of wonderful things. If you're not properly prepared though, it can quickly turn into a disaster. Out in the wilderness, lac...
Teresa Dixon13 days ago
5 Tips for a Great Last Minute Road Trip Adventure
Road trips don’t have to be boring drives to get to a destination. I take road trips all of the time and never realized how many people follow my travels on Facebook until I had a gap in the trips. “W...
Lynsey Bec17 days ago
Two Weeks in Sri Lanka
This year, I had an amazing two week holiday in Sri Lanka! Here’s how I spent it if you plan on doing the same.
Molly McDonald19 days ago
Top 10 Things to Do in New York City
New York City is one of the greatest cities in the world. There are so many different things that you can do, and I cannot wait to tell you all the different things that NYC has to offer.
Kendall Cardoza21 days ago
Must Have Apps When Traveling in 2018!
Who needs a travel agent when you have a smartphone? Traveling is one of the hottest trends in today's society. Here are some apps (iOS) that make it so much easier for you to have the best time. From...
Courtney Gowlanda month ago
Tips for the US Embassy in London!
So, as I said I had to travel to London from Manchester in order to attend my Visa application appointment. Now, here you have three options. Drive to London Stay in a hotel the night before Get a tra...
Camille Halea month ago
Language Learning Tools For Travelers
The whole point of travel is to experience a culture and environment that is completely outside of your usual day-to-day. That's my view at least. One major way I like to immerse myself further into a foreign destination is to learn a little bit of the language. It's not only fun, but it's incredibly helpful. From what I've heard, the locals love it when you try to communicate with them in their own tongue. Even if you aren't fluent, they admire that you try. When I found out I was going to Sout...
Theresa Christine2 months ago
How to Travel Carry-on Only
I was a Girl Scout growing up, and one of the key lessons I was taught was: be prepared. No matter now short the trip or whatever the weather forecast predicted, I needed to be ready for all of it. Ra...
Dustin Tyndall2 months ago
What to Do in Branson, Missouri
Are you in Branson, Missouri, or are planning to be, and find yourself with nothing to do and no plans? Well fear not, I'm here to show you a few fun things you and your family can do to enjoy your ti...
Lorna Vause2 months ago
Tips for Traveling to South Korea
So you're traveling to South Korea? Awesome! You will undoubtedly have a great time soaking in the local culture in this off-the-beaten path destination. As you move forward with planning, keep these ...
Arnold Seleskey2 months ago
Travel Hacks That Will Save You Time and Money
There are few experiences in the world that are more satisfying than traveling. Be it for work or pleasure, embarking on a journey out of one’s familiar circumstances generally requires both ample tim...
Elle Bee2 months ago
Don’t Be That Guest
I’m sure we’ve all been on vacation, which means we probably all stayed in a hotel at some point in our lives. Some of you may have had the unfortunate experience of standing behind one of these guest...
j s2 months ago
5 Career Travel Tips
Career Travel Tips by Unknown Travels is to help give advice for people traveling and what to do with their experiences into long term career goals! Head over to Unknown Travels for more great content...
Sara AlSaqaf2 months ago
Are You Vacationing in Rome?
Rome is a wonderful city—a standout amongst the most amazing urban communities on the planet, really. I regularly allude to it as the city-historical center since it feels as though you are strolling ...
Mitchell Webb3 months ago
The Balearics Best Kept Secret
When thinking of the Balearic Islands, Ibiza and Majorca are usually the first to spring to mind, Menorca coming in as a measly second thought. But this tiny, lesser known island is certainly worth co...