travel tips

No matter how much you plan, there are bound to be bumps in the road; tips to ensure the optimal travel experience.

Nancy Ahuja6 days ago
The Springbrook National Park Waterfalls that Are a Must Visit
Springbrook is a natural paradise nestled on the Gold Coast Hinterland. Ancient forests, lookouts, rare plants, walks, waterfalls, and beautiful birds, this place has it all. Many of the lookouts and ...
Corey Lynch7 days ago
9,013 Miles
Four life long friends just graduated college. What was next? Straight to the real world? No, how about a four week journey from Boston, MA to Portland, OR and back. After two years of talk and little...
Maddie Green8 days ago
Minimalist Packing
I always thought I could be a light packer, but as a lover of fashion, changing my clothes a million times, I've always found it quite difficult. This year though, when going to Mallorca in Spain, I h...
Tobias Gillot13 days ago
Be Less Stressed When You Travel
Summer is a popular time to travel. Unfortunately, more people traveling usually means more a more stressful experience for each traveler. In 2017, UK tourists spent almost $45 billion while traveling...
Cassidy Tyler15 days ago
Travel Without Breaking Bank
So you want to travel, but have no money. I’m not the most cutthroat person when it comes to traveling, but I’ve done it with little money, and have no regrets! If you’re not busy right now, then sit ...
Hannah Gibson19 days ago
How to Travel Light and Stay Within That Dreaded 7kg!
In a country where 70c can buy you a Vietnamese pork baguette, or $1.50 can buy you five rice paper rolls, $20 can go a long way in Vietnam, so you definitely don't want to be wasting it on last minut...
Jade Pulmana month ago
The Sea Is Calling — Ready to Get Away
Enjoy Your Adventure on the Sea
Betty Glauder2 months ago
Travel Tips for Seniors
Numerous aerial transports, lodgings, and attractions offer a mixture of motivating forces for senior voyagers. To discover the travel bargains, you may need to do a little homework in advance. Rebate...
Cara Siera2 months ago
6 Tips for Surviving Your Beach Vacation This Summer
Are you headed to the beach this summer? According to the US Census, more than 58 million Americans hit the sand and surf annually. Often, beach vacations occupy only a small proportion of your summer...
Elouise Oldfield2 months ago
Tips for an Anxious Traveller
As someone diagnosed with quite severe social anxiety, being out in the world is scary enough. But having to deal with a phobia of public transport too? Not ideal. Since I'm in my second year of Unive...
Nathalia Silva2 months ago
10 Tips for Saving Money on Flights
You don't need to be rich to travel you just need to find the right ticket. You might have to sacrifice on comfort and perks, but its worth it if you just need a ticket to get you from points A to B.
H J2 months ago
Avoid Excessive Stuff
Sometime last year, I went to India. Prior to that, it had been a good six-seven years where I went on an international vacation by way of an airplane. Long story short, here's a list of things I woul...
Victoria Lim3 months ago
Hiking in USA: Best Tricks and Treks
Have you become a slave to technology? Do you spend more time staring at your phone, or a computer than looking at a clear blue sky? Do days go by without you even leaving your home? If you are lookin...
Marli Ehrlich3 months ago
Coachella Survival 101
There are people who have been going to Coachella since day one. I saw one influencer mention in their Instagram caption that they've been going for the past nine years! Well, I've been for three year...
Joseph Jones3 months ago
Five Best Tips for Traveling to British Columbia
British Columbia is one of the few true wilderness regions you can visit in North America, giving you the opportunity to enjoy numerous incredible sights from a sailboat, kayak, floatplane or while hi...
Kevin 3 months ago
Top Recommendations for Traveling to Utah
Utah is a state in the southwestern region of the United States that has some of the most incredible scenic beauty in the world. Along with its unbelievable natural topography, it is famous for its de...
Tom Szostak4 months ago
Disney Made Simple Part 2
Welcome back to the next post where we start to delve into the parks a bit deeper. Our first stop is my favorite, Disney's Animal Kingdom. I am going here first as this has made a huge new addition to...
Shantelle Hill4 months ago
Paris in Five Days
I recently went to Paris, I wanted to see all the famous monuments, taste the mouth-watering food, but also be able to relax. With only having five days there, this was going to be a bit of a struggle...