Take Grandma Glamping!

If she doesn't "do" camping anymore, then she'll love this...

Whether it's a mini break to the big city, an all inclusive getaway to paradise or a staycation beside the sea, there is no denying the fact that everybody loves a holiday.

While the mere sight of a bellboy with a luggage cart is one sure way to get the holiday hormone, oxytocin, meandering all warm and fuzzy like through the bloodstream, is it possible for pastel coloured wheelbarrows all in a row, to evoke the same desired, relaxing effect?

Welcome to the world of clamping!


Surely for the sake of everyone's sanity and well being, a wheelbarrow (who cares about the pretty colours?) must be the most unlikely and unwanted accessory on anyone's holiday list — unless of course, you're brave or mad enough to give "Glamping" a whirl.

Glamping: Which camp are you in?

According to Grandma, glamping is just camping — in disguise. Your temporary dwelling may be unusual and all-inclusive but the experience is ultimately the same: noisy, cold, damp, creaky and filled with deflated sleeplessness… And as for the toilets? Ugh!

I disagree. Surely glamping is more tranquil, warm, cosy, and luxurious with a hint of magical camping delight — straight from my childhood memories?

Anyway, back to the wheelbarrow, in all its pastel glory. This apparently, is just one option of how the glamping experience begins. Uh oh...

Mission impossible?

Three generations, two nights in two Mongolian yurts and the great outdoors. Can we live simply and comfortably — happily together? Will we even survive?

If Grandma is alarmed by her additional mode of transport, she doesn't show it. Instead, she loads her belongings into the wheelbarrow, grabs the handles with determination and sets off up the leafy track.

With the holiday and happiness hormones, oxytocin and serotonin, flowing in perfect harmony, I can only grin at the excitable tween beside me. 

Let's take Grandma glamping!

Cae Wennol snuggles beneath Mount Tal y Fan deep in the Conwy Valley, North Wales. Resting here in two acres of magical beauty are three luxurious, Mongolian Yurts, perfect for Grandma — our aspiring glamping Queen!

What’s unique about a Mongolian Yurt is…

…that even on a chilly night, the combined soporific effects of the solar powered, subtle hues of light, the snug wood burner, and the comfy double bed will without a doubt lure you swiftly into the land of nod.

Pizza... just the way you like it.

If you fancy a margarita pie then you are in for a culinary treat when you fire up the outdoor pizza oven. Make, bake and share a slice or two under the stars then unwind on the sofa in the rustic, communal kitchen with a steaming cup of cocoa. 

Something stronger?

Outside on a dry evening, Grandma and I love to wrap up in cosy blankets and toast beside the fire pit. Listen carefully and you can hear the fading cries of the circling red kites and buzzards above. Then simply watch the sunset and chill with bubbles. 

Hungry for more?

Meander through the picturesque footpaths towards Rowen and discover the mouth watering Dutch Pancake House. Alternatively, head into the market town of Conwy. Go crabbing off the quay or explore the cobbled streets filled with cafes and quirky shops. I love to indulge in some Welsh decadence with an Italian twist at Parisella's ice cream parlour situated on the high street.

Step back in time...

…and walk the walls of Conwy’s imposing medieval castle — built by King Edward I. Whether you’re sixty-five or eight, this easygoing trail with some steep steps will fire up your imagination and help burn off that calorific gelato!

Be sure to experience…

…the candlelit eco-friendly shower. Day or night, step under the hot jets of naturally sourced spring water and invigorate your senses.

Oh and try not to think too much about the eco-friendly compostable toilet. The "where...?" and the "how...?" will either make or break you but ultimately, the number ones and twos will become a uniquely funny and not entirely unpleasant experience! 

What, no??!!

Wi-fi??!! Electricty??!!

Relax. There is no holiday quite like glamping where you can focus on the simple pleasures of life.

The glamping experience is perfect for the mindful one, novel for the lazy teen, adventurous for the active tween and easy enough for any Bear Gryl’s wannabe.

And as for Grandma?

Last seen wheelbarrow racing — much to the delight of the teens and tween who crown Grandma the "Glamping Queen!"

Suggested links:

Cae Wennol Yurts — 01492 650138

Dutch Pancake House — 01492 650063

Parisella’s Ice Cream Parlour — 01492 592448

Conwy Castle — 01492 592358

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