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The Adventures of Cream Pop

A Postcard From a Pocket-Sized Explorer

Hi, my name is Cream Pop! I am two inches tall, and I love going on adventures with my people. Their names are not important because this one is about me. Mom calls me a diva, but I think it's more of a model aesthetic. I mean, look at that plump butt and that fluffy tail!

Like I said before, I'm two inches tall, and I absolutely hate carrots. Whoever paid that "wascally wabbit" to say he likes carrots must have wasted a lot of money, because that stuff is not good for us fluffy butts! I prefer to eat leafy veggies or something a little sweeter, like fruit.

I am a light honey color and super soft. My mom likes to hold me in her hand and she stuffs me in her bag when she goes places so that she knows I'm safe. I always look angry because I'm small and have no limbs. I live in a purse, for goodness sake! Even though I am small and squishy, I love my life because my humans take me places with them all the time.

In this picture, my humans chauffeured me to Colorado on an exhausting trip. I had to sit there the entire ride and pretend to be cute the whole way. It was exhausting!!! The people dragged me all over Colorado Springs and parts of the outlying areas, as well. We spent a lot of time outside, and apparently mom picked up a tick that made her allergic to mammal meat! 

**Here's a tip: Don't go to the mountains in the early Spring without tick repellant.**

If you wanna see some cute little plushies like me in Colorado Springs, there's a mall called the Citadel, and there was a shop inside with walls and walls of plushies. I was so excited to see more little cuties on display, but I wish mom would have picked me up a brother or sister; it gets lonely in mom's purse. 

I had fun in the rave store there, too. It was full of crazy lights and strange costumes that I don't think would keep the people there very warm...

The malls in Kentucky don't have the same kind of feel, so mom and dad were thrilled when they saw all of the new things in the mall. Also, there was a fan store where the artists could sell their work, so my artist momma was in her element. There was even a store in the Citadel full of puppies, which was pretty cool since mom and I have never seen something like that.

Colorado was pretty cool because I’ve never seen the Rocky Mountains before. We visited the Garden of the Gods (which would have been even more amazing had the plants not all been dead from winter). I saw a “live” bunny in the mountains and I wanted to hop after him, but I doubt I would have gotten very far. Anyway, after they schlepped me all the way from Kentucky—on a 16-hour drive, mind you—to the Rockies, we had a great "rocky mountain high-time" up on those giant rocks. I may not have legs, but that trip wore me out!

I can't wait to go on our next adventure because I can only handle Kentucky for so long. I think mom and dad said they're gonna go to Alabama next.

Until next time!

- Cream Pop

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The Adventures of Cream Pop
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