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The Best Way to Go to Disney World

Want to go to Disney World? No idea what to do, though?

Cinderella's Castle at Magic Kingdom

Disney World: what a fun place to go for families, if you don't mind the crowd, that is. But, Disney can be hard to plan for. How long should you spend at Disney? When should you go? What hotels should you stay at?

There are a lot of questions about Disney World for first-time visitors. This article will make it simple.

How long should you spend at Walt Disney World (WDW, for short)? It depends what you want to do. If you want to do everything at WDW, then ten days should be enough. The reason ten days should be enough is because it allows you to visit each theme park and water park at the property.

Day 1. Arrive at WDW and unpack in your hotel.

Usually, you would be tired from all the travelling to the hotel, whether it be flying, driving, or taking a train there. So, spend the rest of the day at the hotel and the pools.

Days 2 and 3. Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom is a big park, so two days is needed so you can do everything.

Days 4/5/6. Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios

All the other parks only require one day, so you can usually handle everything within the park in one day. So I assigned one day for each park.

Day 7. Blizzard Beach

This first water park is a winter-themed water park. One day is needed.

Day 8. Typhoon Lagoon

The second water park is a water park that got hit by a Typhoon. One day is needed.

Day 9. Disney Springs (Formerly Downtown Disney)

This day is a relax day before the day you leave. You generally can do anything else you want to do on this day, but I assigned Disney Springs where a lot of shopping is.

Day 10. Leave WDW.

This is the day you leave WDW, you pack your bags and go home. Then when you arrive home, probably go straight to bed.

That covers how many days you should spend, but what about hotels? There are multiple types of hotels at WDW. There are the Campgrounds, the Value Resorts, the Moderate Resorts, the Deluxe Resorts, and the Deluxe Villas. This is up to you on which hotel you want to pick, depending on what park you want to be near and your budget saying you are spending ten days at WDW.

When should you go? You should generally go during the September–March season, when kids are in school, however, if you have children, then things can get more difficult. If you have kids, you have to go when they aren't in school, which means crowds, unless you let the school know your child won't be there. The reason the September–March season is the best to go to WDW is because it's cooler and less busy. However, do not go during holiday weeks, as that is busy.

In terms of food, there are a lot of options. There are three types of restaurants. The types are Snacks, Quick Service, and Table Service. Snacks include stuff like ice cream and pretzels from the stands located around the park. Quick service are restaurants where you order at the counter and sit down and wait for your food. With table service restaurants, you sit down at a table, get a menu, and then order from the menu.

To make eating easier and cheaper, there is the dining plan. There are three types of dining plans to suit your needs. The Quick Service Dining plan, which comes with two quick service meals and two snacks per day is perfect for light eaters. The Regular Dining Plan comes with one table service meal, one quick service meal, and two snacks. This is the kind of plan you would generally want for a normal visit. There is also the Deluxe Dining Plan which comes with three meals (any combination of table service and quick service) and two snacks, this kind of plan is good for those who want three full meals. With the first two dining plans, you would use a snack for breakfast, quick service for lunch, and table service for dinner, and use the other snack any time. With the latter dining plan, you would eat three full meals, instead of using a snack for breakfast, which would allow two snacks to be used in the park.

This is my guide to going to WDW, which I have based five trips on. I hope this helps you plan your trip!

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The Best Way to Go to Disney World
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