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The Boring City

Maybe it isn't that bad... to you.

You'd think I loved St. Louis Missouri if you listened to me talk about how much I hate it. Or you'd probably think I was from this exotic and intriguing area, like Hawaii, or something. No, so technically I really have nothing to compare it to. But there HAS to be somewhere better than this, and if not then I am doomed. St. Louis, Missouri is so boring that we don't even have a cool sounding accent. For example, if you travel just about five hours north (or however that works) you'll hit Chicago. Even though they talk very slow to the point where you can't even tell if they are finishing their sentence or out of breath, they still sound cool. After doing some research on the topic of St. Louis accents I learn that they just talk faster than some people from Chicago. St. Louis can't even be original with their accent. 

If I wanted to read anywhere where would it be? Well, funny you should ask that. (If you didn't I really don't care, I am still going to answer.) I would live in Italy, New York, New Orleans, or Paris. I know those places can be pretty expensive. But if I want to go somewhere busy and unique, I have to be ready to spend a pretty penny. It's funny because I have only been to New Orleans, but the feeling I get when I dream of living in these places is indescribable. Especially since St. Louis is boring and uneventful. I mean if I want to see the artist I love I would have to travel five hours north to Chicago, and I have seen Chicago too many times to want to live there. No offence, Chicago is a BEAUT. But, I don't feel my calling there like I do Italy, New York, New Orleans, or Paris. Plus it's just way too close to STL. I shouldn't be able to just decide I want to go to STL when I want to. I want to be far enough for me to have to buy a plane ticket out of STL, and on rare occasions, a plane ticket to STL. 

Although Missouri itself has some pretty good colleges, my top two are not here, and just so happen to be REALLY expensive. My family does not have a very high income so I have to do whatever I can to get either $60,128 for NYU or $52,380 dollars to attend Xavier University. The most expensive college in Missouri is Washington University and that costs $48,950. A few of my Dad's siblings went there, and guess what? Only ONE has a job out of state. The other one only lives here because Houston, Texas didn't work out, but if I wanted to live in Houston, Texas I'd have to grow AT LEAST a foot. Now I don't want to offend anyone in Texas, but is the saying "Everything is bigger in Texas" true? I personally would not know because everything is always bigger to me and I have never been to Texas. I am not really interested in Texas though; it seems... HOT. But I'd rather live in Texas than Missouri, scratch that, ANYONE would rather live in Texas than Missouri.

But hey, don't let this PSA (I guess you can call it that), on why I hate St. Louis stop you from coming to visit or something. There are some pluses. I mean pretty much everything is 20 minutes away, rent is not that expensive, and we have Imo's. Of course, we don't have big celebrities like Beyonce that are from here, but we do have Nelly if that counts for anything.