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The Forest

I'm walking through the forest.

Walking into the forest, I see trees rooted into the ground growing tall from many years; starting as a seed planted long ago from a bird flying high. I see leaves of the trees with their greenish color and I see the lines across the many leafs, different on every leaf. I also see dark brown of the bark on the trees leading to branches shooting every which way with different sizes and different amount of leaves. I see insects scurrying across the bark of the trees heading to wherever they can go trying to survive day in and day out; some of them are small, some are big, some have wings, and others crawl, they're all interlocked into a cycle of survival trying not to be eaten.

On the forest floor, I see fallen branches scattering the forest floor. I also see grass sprouting up from the earth; there are also insects who scurry across the dirt, pebbles and rocks of the earth also trying to survive day in and day out. There are anthills with ants coming and going, serving their queen. There are also spiders sitting in their web waiting for their next meal. I see a bird sweeping down catching a worm in its mouth to bring food to her children up in a tall, towering tree. There are snails slowly crawling across the scenery of the forest in its pursuit of food.

I continue further into the forest away from all distractions of my daily life, never having time to stop and focus on the world around me instead of what's in front of me. As I go deeper into the forest, I start to hear the trickle of a stream; as I get closer, I see wet earth as a sign of a border in the forest. I look into the stream and I see pebbles and fish through the clearness of the water. There are different types of fish swimming about, some big and some small, others with scales spending their days swimming about carefree only worrying about predators.

I keep moving forward and as I step into the stream, I feel the coolness of the water and see the fish swimming away from the disturbance that has accrued. My shoes and socks become wet and feel heavier as I keep moving. I feel the rays of the sun beat down onto my skin, darkening it with each passing minute. I soon reach the other side of the stream with mud and water attached to my shoes, socks, and skin. I feel even more connected with nature from entering the stream.

I keep on traveling through the forest at an observer's pace to be able to take in the wonders of nature. I came across a clearing and a breeze starts up and I hear the rustling of leafs and the swooshing of grass. I feel released from the worries of the world. I walk into the grass and move with the sway of the grass; I then lay down and look up into the clear sky with bits of cloud scattered here and there. I feel the sun etching its light and heat into me.

I lay there and I feel my eyelids become heavy. I let them close and I feel like I belong there. I dream of the forest animals; the birds, bears, deer, foxes, wolves, and mice that roam the forest every day and night living their lives. I than wake up. The sun is low in the sky. I must leave, but I will return another time. I no longer feel the warmth of the sun. My skin is slightly darker. I then get up. I look down to the place I was sleeping. I have left an imprint of myself in the forest.

The imprint will fade and no one, not even the animals will know I was there. I begin my trek back to where I came from. I hear the sounds of the forest as night sets in. I see the blinking lights of fireflies, I hear the chirping of crickets and hear the buzzing of cicadas. I come to the stream and I no longer can see the pebbles or fish romancing the earth. I can only hear the movement of the water; I can feel the dried mud on my ankles crack and slowly wash away as I cross the stream.

I cross the wet, muddy border at the edge of the stream, the coolness of the stream falling from my wet shoes and ankles. I keep on walking, the sun no longer showing its beautiful colors. I keep on walking, getting closer to the place I began; but I stop to stand and listen for another minute before I leave. I stand there with my eyes shut, feeling the forest's energy flow into me. I open my eyes and walk even closer to the begging. I step out of the forest and see my car. I sigh, knowing that I'll have to go back to the noisy, loud city of daily life.

I walk up to my car with dark blue paint. I pull the handle on the door and open it; I get in, pull my keys from my pocket of my tan shorts. I put the keys in the ignition, turn the key. The car starts up. I pull out of my spot and drive away, hoping to return away from my busy life in the city.

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The Forest
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