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The Most Festive Way to Start December 2018

I’ve been wanting to plan a trip to Enchant Christmas for years.

@sienadini on Instagram by @gillian_1234

Hi friends! I hope your December has begun with all the holiday classics like candy canes and snow! My December started out with a visit to my family’s favorite Christmas tree farm, that we’ve been visiting annually for as long as I can remember. It’s called Hillside Tree Farm in Bonney Lake, Washington and it’s probably one of my favorite places on earth. Ever since my brother and I were little we’ve had a fascination with trying to take as many of the delicious Sweet Stripes mints they hand out there as we can (I won this year, as my brother seems to now think he’s better than stealing candy from a tree farm). Per our yearly tradition, after we’ve found our perfect tree, my mom and I will then walk over to the stand that gives out free scalding cups of cocoa or cider (and more mints) and then we’ll stand by the large fire pit being tended throughout the day. Then, my dad will drive up with the tree tied to his truck and away we go!

Usually, the day we get the tree is the day we decorate it (as well as beginning to pester my mom about when she will be making our family recipes of fudge and kolaches), however my parents invited company over that night, and I had tickets with friends to Enchant Christmas, which to my immense joy, came to Seattle this year.

I’ve been wanting to plan a trip to Enchant Christmas for years, since Vancouver is not that far away, however, last year they did not return there. Thankfully, this year they came to Safeco Field and I was so excited and immediately texted my friends and requested a night off from work. I needed these lights in my life.

Enchant Seattle exceeded my expectations! That first view, when you walk up the stairs and into the vendor area and see the entire setup of beautiful twinkling Christmas lights changed my life (see Picture A at the bottom). My friends and I couldn’t wait to start the maze, and find all nine of Santa’s reindeer (see Picture B). 

Most of the reindeer were easy to track down, as they were huge and made of lights as well. However, one reindeer eluded us the entire night. Vixen. He will continue to haunt me for the rest of my holiday seasons.

Other than the elusive Vixen (oh boy), the maze was gorgeous. There were hanging lights and rainbow lights, a huge white Christmas tree in the middle, and lots of festive signs spread around along the maze walls (which were all covered in holly berries) such as “You had me at Ho Ho Ho,” “Feliz Navidad,” and “Joy to the World.” Photo ops galore (see Picture C). My favorite spot was the candy cane heart (see Picture D)!

There was even fake snow falling down from the sky! Here’s me enjoying that, even though you can’t see the snow (see Picture E).

Enchant Seattle also included an ice skating trail and a photo spot with Santa Claus, and of course tons of holiday-themed vendors around Safeco Field. It definitely lived up to my high expectations, and I hope everyone has a chance to enjoy it this season. They’re even nights where you can bring your dogs and get all those good puppy shots!!

I am including the link to Enchant Christmas Seattle and also Hillside Tree Farm! Thank you all for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post, and have a merry and bright holiday season full of love and joy!

Picture A

Picture B

@enchantsea on Instagram

Picture C

@sienadini and @gillian_1234 on Instagram by @classy_reece

Picture D

@sienadini and @gillian_1234 on Instagram by @classy_reece

Picture E

@sienadini on Instagram by @gillian_1234

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The Most Festive Way to Start December 2018
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