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The State That Disappeared

The 80% That Vanished

Skyline in Detroit, Michigan 

Do you keep up with the news? How engrossed is our society into social media? We have access to the world at the fingertips of our hands, yet we know so little about so much. What if I were to tell you that 80% of your state is starting to disappear around you—would you keep up with the news then? If you haven’t kept up with the news, let me fill you in. 

Eighty percent of Detroit, Michigan has vanished. You may read that and go, “okay, that’s not true,” or “that’s insane,” and you’re right. It’s both true and insane. How is almost 100% of a U.S. state just gone?! News may seem boring to you, but think about it for a minute, because it could be your state that’s next. So let’s ponder on some key questions. 

Why is Detroit disappearing?

Detroit is known and popular for its motor companies. When the motor companies became prevalent in Detroit, the city boomed with an influx of people from different backgrounds and ethnicities. It was such a beautiful, populated, and busy city. If that is the case, why would it be disappearing? Let’s use an example to think about this: You got hired at a company doing a job that you initially loved. While the pay wasn’t superb, it was enough to sustain you financially so you pushed through it and enjoyed your job. Three years later, a bigger and more substantial company is introduced in your city. You learn that this company is a global company with business sites world wide. You overhear some of your co-workers whispering about a job opportunity that they received from that newer company. You’re nosey Nancy and decide to investigate it yourself. You look into the company and realize two things: 1) you may never have a chance at working for that company, and 2) your loyalty is with the company you are currently residing with. However, two years later, you find yourself with a job opportunity with the newer company that offers 3x more income than what you’re currently making. You’ve been with your company for six years. What would you do?

What happened?

In the paragraph above we looked at an example. I questioned you on what decision you would make. And THAT is what happened to Detroit. The motor companies—the same ones that made the city popular, moved from Detroit. You can guess what happened after that. Everyone moved with those companies. What was once popular is now almost desolate.

An abandoned building in Detroit 

That’s one sad story.

Yes, it is sad and mind boggling, and quite frankly, a little unbelievable. But what if it happened in your hometown? What would you do? I know this is the news and isn’t as exciting as a 15 year old winning the 20 million dollar lottery, but it’s real, and as United States citizens, it’s something we need to know and be aware of. Some may have known about Detroit while others probably would’ve had no clue. I didn’t have a clue until it was pointed out to me last night, and it was stressed that I keep up with more than just Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. This is important too. So I challenge you, keep up with what’s going on around you. You never know when you need to be ready and prepared for the inevitable. 

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The State That Disappeared
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