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The World's Most Phenomenal Skyscrapers

Just a Few of the "Most Amazing" Skyscrapers, on Planet Earth...

Photo by David East on Upsplash

Be honest: would it be absolutely mind-blowing, or what, to be able to view, and potentially even ascend, some of the highest buildings in the world? I mean, the most renowned skyscraper towers you can ever think to imagine? 

Oh, I bet it would: and that’s what this blog’s going to be all about, while giving you, the inside reader, a fresh look at some of the most amazing sights this side of history; they will amaze you, and hopefully, you’ll want to go visit, in person, and check some of them out for yourself. But until then, learn what you can here, and perhaps even get an online YouTube tutorial of the whole thing. And, of course, be sure to tune in to what we’re going to cover right now...

List of Top 15 Skyscrapers

1. Burj Khalifa

Towering at a colossal 2,717 feet above ground, respectively, and more than holding its own weight, with a maximum story count of 200 (about 160 of these stories actually remaining inhabited, believe it or not), the Burj Khalifa truly makes for one a kind in the world of modern construct majesty. So, lo and behold! Plus, it plants itself in the very heart of Dubai, a place where much commerce, on a global scale, only further thrives with each passing year. All kinds of interested tourists have even moved into the region, for all the potential that Dubai holds, and many, as such, have even stated that the Burj Khalifa is its very pride and joy, a jewel centered in a popular, Middle Eastern region, all in all. Check it out.

2. Shanghai Tower

The celestial Shanghai Tower, planted firmly in (you guessed it) gorgeous Shanghai China, is truly another modern spectacle we can’t forget about; the Chinese people certainly never will, at least not in this lifetime. The Shanghai Tower is one of the more modern skyscrapers out there, built just back in 2015 (only five years after the building of the Burj Khalifa, in fact, which was in 2010). This heck-of-a-pinnacle development, stands at 2,073 feet, and features 128 floors; it is definitely designed with those who fear no heights.

Many hotels and offices make their residence within this tower. This masterpiece is also Gensler-design and is held, to this day, as the planet’s second highest skyscraper. But furthermore, it also sits adjacent to a couple of other towering pieces of divine work, which call themselves the Jin Mao Tower and the Shanghai World Financial Center. The Shanghai Tower itself is seen as the centerpiece of the whole operation, taking full center-stage.

Many commercial districts within Lujiazui hail this tower. And rightfully so. It stands atop all others, looking down on them all. And the Chinese always reverence all buildings or people higher than them, respectfully.

3. Makkah Royal Clock Tower

Finished in 2012, and based within Mecca, Saudi Arabia, this clock tower/skyscraper has a height of 1,972 ft and more than 120 floors to explore. It is a beautifully distinctive, yellow-gold bricklike structure that will hold to its roots firmer than Iron Man will on his toughest battle. You get the picture here, but that is not all, not even the best part; to further add, it’s got the clock on the very top, just underneath a gold statue figure, and its hands are always moving accordingly.

4. Ping An Finance Center

Based out of Shenzhen, China, this finance center says it all with the mere first impression. It is beyond a sight to behold, in every sense of the expression, but you have to visit it yourself to really know what we mean here. Words are simply not enough, at least in this case, to do it full justice and provide the awe—striking description you're looking for.

It’s got 115 floors. It finalized completion in 2017. And in addition, 1,965 ft is its full height. It is a shiny silver color, and looks like a bullet shooting up in the air.

5. Lotte World Tower

Up at 1,819 ft, and with 123 floors inside, this Seoul, South Korea property is truly a wonder of wonders. How did it get so high in the air, we might be asking ourselves, as the first question? Well, it was made by only some of the best architects in the commercial construction business, so that’s likely one good reason that can answer it all. It was made and designed, and then pieced together, by KPF (Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates). And it was made with much diligence, effort and vision, overall.

6. One World Trade Center

The One World Trade Center has 94 floors inside of it, not as much as some of the others we’ve just looked through, but it still packs its own unique punch in so many other ways. For one, it is entirely US built and made, based out of New York, and is truly an American spectacle, in the world of skyscrapers. Many US residents, especially those who live in NYC, are definitely proud of their creation, and can say it’s one of the tallest in their country. This building is 1,776 ft high. What do ya’ know?

7. Guangzhou CTF Finance Center

In Guangzhou, China, this 111-floor, 1,739 ft skyscraper is not going down anytime soon. It was also built by KPF, and finally finished off, ready for public use, back in 2016. We can’t get any more modern than that, now, can we? Most notably, the top of the building is white. You can notice the white top, even if you zoom in to take an angle shoot, from street level, on the ground and across the side of the road. Just aim up, and you will see the top, which is as white as milk.

8. China Zun

With 109 floors, and getting up to 1,731 ft, the China Zun is found in Beijing, China. It came around not only thanks to KFP, but also with the help of TFP Farrells. The two businesses joined, hand in hand, to complete this venture. And guess what else? The China Zun remains even newer than all the others we’ve discussed, so far, having been made “fully ready” in 2018. How cool is that? At night time, it really lights up,and looks beyond exceptional, especially on those dark, rainy, dreary nights with heavy storms.

9. TAIPEI 101

This one gets “way up there,” as some say, as well, hitting the skies, or should we say barely scraping them, at 1,667 ft of elevation from the ground. Hold your breath, as you go up, from floor to floor in the elevator (don’t even think to use the stairs), and you will soar high on the upward ride of your life. You may not want to come down after that. Taipei, Taiwan holds this monumental creation. There’s 101 floors inside, plenty of room to go and play some hide n’ seek when you’re bored from all those phone calls you have to make, should you work in any office inside of there...

10. Shanghai World Financial Center

Based in lovely, heart-capturing Shanghai, China, the 492 m (1,614 ft) financial center here is more than the typical bank of credit union, respectively. Heck, even the large corporate financial offices in places like Chicago, New York, and L.A. can’t compare with this one. It’s truly a giant bigger than most giants, and it lets all who pass by it know that as a fact. This KPF-built finance center does not back down, and why should it? It rules the modern Chinese world.

11. International Commerce Centre

There is another great skyscraper that we want to talk about here, and do you know where it is also based? If you guessed, “in China,” then your guess would be correct—it’s in the Hong Kong area, to be precise. Hong Kong loves its 2010 skyscraper building, and gives it all the attention in the world. It’s got 101 floors to go up or down on, a whopping 1,618 ft of elevation up at the very top, surrounding sightseeing amazement (surrounded by beautiful smaller buildings that light up at night, and water on all sides), and more.

12. Vincom Landmark 81

Hailing in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, the Vincom Landmark, this bright yellow-gold figurehead building leader, is a true role model to all the tiny ones surrounding it, in every respect (tiny because they’re only 40 or more stories high, and not the full 108, like this one). This one looks like it can touch the clouds, and it probably does, especially in the evening, when the clouds tend to move and hover more closely toward the area. From dusk to dawn, this high-rise building can show off all its splendor.

13. Changsha IFS Tower T1

Now, this one is found in Changsha, China, as well, but unlike the others aforenoted, this one has the three letters, I + F + S displayed on it for all to see. One can see, even from a little ways farther off, that this is, indeed, the IFS building. It’s a silver-white building, very clear in contrast, that features the three letters in a light gray color. Wong Tung & Partners, however (and not KFP this time around, go figure) were the proud architectural minds behind this skyscraper. See it for yourself.

14. Torre Petronas One

Witness the Torre Petronas one, when you get a chance. The experience will more than just “take your tourist breath away.” You may faint entirely, but that we mean in a good way, since we, as human beings, are made to feel ‘wowed.’ Let this building do that to you, and you may end up coming back for more, perhaps falling in love with the 88 bright, light-up floors, the 1,483 ft of towering dominance, or something else entirely. It’s a little older, and its builders created it in 1998. This tower, along with the one you’re about to learn about next, was made to pay homage to much of Malaysia’s Islamic culture.

According to those who built it, there truly was “no God but Allah.” And they praised him. Many Malaysians give Allah credit for their tower.

15. Petronas Tower Two

This Petronas Tower came to life in the same year as its first-model prototype, and both now stand in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as well. Consider them twin towers, so to speak, and Cesar Pelli was the amazing genius to thank for the creation of the Petronas Towers, so we should give all credit where it is due.

Cesar Pelli & Associates was the official business that took on the build. Gretsch-Unitas manufacturers certainly had a large role to play, as well. This tower is 1,483 ft high, with the same 88 floors as the first.

Conclusion—Your Brief Rundown of All That Has Just Been Discussed, in Final Review…

To wrap it all up, these were some of our own top picks, amazing sights you can’t miss. When you have some time, get some friends together, some savings in cash, time off from your regular day job, and get check these places out. And heck, if you end up head over heels, beyond enamored, why not plan your next move? You could even take courses on becoming a tour guide, and hopefully apply to some of these places, with the odds of one day being able to guide navigators to the very tops of some of these skyscrapers yourself. How cool would that be?

And if you still can’t get enough from this list, check out a few 'other choices': the ones in this link are especially "future-bound." They can get you thinking ‘modern’, and have you falling in love, once again, with the future of skyscrapers can one day come to look like, respectively…

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