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Tips for Tourists Visiting New York

5 Simple Tips That Will Help You to Have the Time of Your Life

New York is a big city, so the fear of getting lost can be crippling. However, I was determined I would not waste my days waiting on someone to take me around when they got free time. My time is precious! I took a leap of faith, and I survived the big city on my own. With these tips in mind I know you will too.

1. Get that GPS ready!

If you don’t already have it, this is an easy download from the Google Play store or the Apple app store. During your visit, Google Maps will be like your bible—essential for survival. Using this app will drastically reduce the likelihood of you getting lost. All you have to do is enter your desired destination in the bar, and it will give you a detailed description of the most time effective route, whether it be by train, bus or car. What makes it even better is that it times your journey and alarms you when you may be going in the wrong direction; like your personal handheld tour guide.

Remember to charge your phone! GPS services suck the life out of your battery. Imagine finally finding the place you’ve always dreamt of visiting and you aren’t able to capture the moment because your phone is dead.

2. Connect to the kiosk!

The moment you glimpse a LYNX kiosk be grateful, this means there is open super-fast Wi-Fi, charging port and a free call awaiting. Did I mention all these services are absolutely free? These kiosks are everywhere, be sure to find them and connect! I’m telling you they are life savers.

3. Hop on the bus or train!

Lucky for you, New York isn't like other destinations where public transportation is limited, there are buses and trains everywhere!.

First, purchase a bus ticket and top it up accordingly. If you intend to be here for a week or more, I recommend that you purchase an unlimited MTA ticket. For only US$32 per week you are able to travel any amount of time you desire whether by bus or train, irrespective of the boroughs. This will save you a whole lot of money!

4. Ask questions just to be sure!

There are thousands of tourists in New York daily, that means they too are getting lost and are probably just as confused as you are. Don’t be embarrassed, if you get lost, ask someone, this can save you time and energy. Please be cautious when asking; I tend to ask police officers, bus drivers, and customer service agents walking around in train stations. They know the city well and can give the best advice! 

5. No Money, No Problem!

Finally, most major attractions such as zoos, gardens, museums, and aquariums have free days. Before you plan your trip do some research, you will save yourself some cash.

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Tips for Tourists Visiting New York
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