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Top 5 Factors to Keep in Mind When Buying a House in Hyderabad

A rapidly growing city, Hyderabad is one the most active real estate markets in India.

Real Estate

Be it commercial or residential, there is a consistent rise in the number of buyers. The supportive state policies, such as ease of doing business, availability of infrastructure like metro, and deserving talent pool have made the city a centerpoint for multinationals and conglomerates in India. However, when talking about buying a house, the following are the five factors that you should look consider beforehand.


Buying a home in a neighborhood that is adjacent to IT hubs, schools, markets, and other public utility facilities is a good idea. It is not only convenient but also promises higher growth compared to the areas that lack such facilities. For instance, Sunshine Park by Modi Builders is one such project that offers various amenities nearby.


A major concern for all, it is imperative that the residential project that you invest in should be in pollution-free areas. With ample greenery, Hyderabad offers residential projects in the form of urban forests where you can relax and enjoy a breath of fresh air. The presence of parks nearby keeps the surroundings fresh and breezy. Also, it provides multiple benefits to people with respiratory problems.


The best location for a housing complex is the one that offers ease of travelling via different modes of transport. It is imperative to see that facilities like metro, bus stops, railway stations, hospitals, IT parks, etc., are at a reasonable distance. There are multiple projects in Hyderabad that are being launched on the outskirts of the city and provide good connectivity to metro.


This is a factor that plays a major role in determining your house in Hyderabad, looking for a house that is inexpensive and yet offers the best amenities is what does the trick. Considering the graph of infrastructure growth in Hyderabad, the city provides reasonable housing options at competitive prices. Well-known real estate developers, such as Modi Builders, etc., have various projects all across the city that a buyer can choose from, according to his convenience.

Distance Between Your Home and Office

Although connectivity is a factor already discussed, the distance between the house you buy and your office needs special attention. It is advisable to look for a house that is not far away from the place of your work. Even after good connectivity, if it is going to take you 2 hours to reach to your office, you should reconsider your choice. Multiple properties are being constructed near IT hubs and commercial areas all across Hyderabad. Look for the one that is the closest to your workplace.

Keeping all the above points on your checklist can help you find your ideal home in the ever-growing, beautiful city of Hyderabad. Along with the aforementioned points, make sure to do a background check of the properties that you are interested in. Find out if there are any legal issues surrounding the property, like the land being disputed or anything else. Also, make sure you buy your dream home from a reputed real estate company, such as Modi Builders.

The key to finding the perfect home is being patient and looking at everything closely. Invest your time in considering even the smallest of aspects. Once you are satisfied with everything, go forward and make the most beautiful deal ever.  

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Top 5 Factors to Keep in Mind When Buying a House in Hyderabad
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