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Tourism in Florida

Three Must-See Beaches

The Gulf Coast of Florida is composed of many famous beaches, such as the Pensacola Beach. Every year, more than a million tourists come to Pensacola Beach and are known for its splendid white sand and hot water. Pensacola Beach is located on the Gulf of Persia and the Perastol River. Most people like to go to the casino as well. The Beach Bar casino in the beer offers a wide range of tourists, including grilled tuna, shrimps, mangoes, and fish tacos.

Visiting Pensacola Beach

Visit the banks of the Pensacola River in the Gulf of Mexico, on the edge of Kititro's Santa Rosa Square. At the famous Pensacola Pier, go fishing, parasailing, surfing, scuba diving, snorkel watching, or ingboat. The water is very beautiful and it can only be left in one of the restaurants of strange islands. There are many things to do on Pensacola Beach.

Visiting Santa Rosa Beach

Fotolia, Jacksonville, and Dayton, as well as St. Augustine—the oldest city in the US—are an hour away from the beach. Old stone streets are surrounded by galleries, restaurants, and shops, as well as amazing beaches surrounded by sandy sand dunes for beaches. Located 26 miles from the famous Emerald Coast in northwest Florida, Santa Rosa Beach is one of 16 unique beach communities in South Walton County. The Santa Rosa Beach community offers luxurious beachfront villas, fine dining, and a unique artist colony known as Gulf Place. Santa Rosa Beach has several entrances to Point Washington State Forest Park, an area of 15,000 acres, and more than 10 natural communities. In fact, all South Walton attractions are known for their natural beauty, turquoise waters, sugar beaches, such as Travel + Leisure's "Best Beach on Earth."

Florida’s Northwest Coast

Located on the beach of Santa Rosa Beach, WaterColor Inn and Resort overlooks the turquoise sea and the white beaches of Florida’s northwest coast. It offers the ideal atmosphere of a Florida family resort, warm southern hospitality, a comfortable bed and breakfast, and a classic beachfront villa. Learn about Santa Rosa Beach shops by booking accommodation near this beautiful beach. Whether you are in a modern beach house or a comfortable cottage, Santa Rosa Beach has something for you.

If you are looking for a perfect vacation destination, Santa Rosa Beach exceeds your expectations. Pensacola Beach is amazing. The beaches are radically different from the Atlantic Ocean in the green, wide, and deserted areas. It is located on the island of Santa Rosa, with water from Pensacola on the continent. The beauty of the island is marvelous and you will have time—days. Send your children to the beach, so they can walk on the sand, collect colorful shellfish, or look for a tortoise.

If you want some time in the water, you’ll want to search for in ground pools in Santa Rosa Beach, which also has great accommodations near this beautiful beach. You will be surprised at Pensacola Beach. In contrast to the turquoise waters of the Atlantic, the beach is white, large, and not jammed. It is located on the barrier island of Santa Rosa, just across the mainland from Pensacola. The beauty of the island is fascinating and it can take hours or days to explore.

Kids play with water, walk along the beach, collect colorful shells, or look for hatchling turtle eggs. Color Inn and Resort is located on the beach at Santa Rosa Beach. See the turquoise waters and coastal crystal-white beaches on the northwest coast of Florida. This hotel offers a resort, warm hospitality, bed and breakfast, and classic beaches for the family. WaterColor Inn and Resort is an ideal place for leisure.

Inn and Resort offers free beaches, white sand beaches, swimming pools, lakes, restaurants, nearby golf, tennis, free bicycles, daily travel trips, sidewalks, bike paths, children's entertainment, and restaurants. Eden Gardens Historic State Park is just a few minutes away from the Bay's modern South Asian style restaurant. This beachfront property, known as the 2013 Florida Aquarium in Ecuador, is a modern business center.