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Traveling the World the EASY Way

Views and Destinations You Will Never Forget

Mount Pilatus, Swiss Alps in Lucerne, Switzerland

Is traveling on your bucket list? Well it can be easily crossed out, along with the destinations you want when you travel with EF Ultimate Break. They have trips to Europe, Australia, Thailand, Costa Rica, and many more on their website. This company let me live my BEST life while traveling abroad! This past June I went on my first ever plane ride... to EUROPE! I've always wanted to travel the world and once I saw the opportunity, I snatched it! The 24 days I was there, I absolutely loved it and did not want to come back to the States! I had so much fun and wish every day that I could go back!

Of course, I was a bit skeptical about the whole thing because everything is taken care of online. With EF Ultimate Break, you choose one of the many trips they have available, click the dates you want, and then choose a payment plan. You put down $150 and then continue to pay from there. Believe me I was afraid they were going to just take my money and scam me, but it is 100 percent LEGIT! All I had to do were those three easy steps. The company takes care of the rest. For example, all the plane, train, and ferry tickets are given to you right before y'all board, every city you visit you're given tickets for public transportation (your tour director will give demonstrations on how to use it), they choose your hotel and hostels, and you are able to pay for any excursions that are available for that trip. All you do is pay the amount it costs for the trip, pack your things, and enjoy your journey. Other people have planned the same trip as you so when you arrive at your first destination, you will have a chance to meet every person that's going to be traveling with you! My group had a total of 45 people including myself. But no worries, the company sets up a private Facebook group 1 month before departure so you are able to meet and get to know everyone before hand! This is really traveling made easy!

The trip I chose was "Ultimate Europe: 3 weeks." I traveled through eight major cities and six different countries! I started in Amsterdam then the rest are as followed: London, Paris, Switzerland (Swiss Alps), Venice, Florence, Rome, and last but not least Barcelona! I would recommend this company over and over and over again for making it easy, affordable and FUN to travel. It was the best decision I've ever made and I will continue to travel with them until I'm not able to anymore! Traveling across the world may make you feel a bit hesitant but trust me it is so safe! EF has an emergency phone number in case anything happens. Your tour director will give out his/her number and they will choose a texting/calling app to keep in touch at all times. Don’t want to spend $10 a DAY with your phone carrier? You don’t have too! There’s Wifi with almost every turn you make and the apps they recommend are run off Wifi, problem solved! You can even stay in touch with your family with the same app! I know I did! What’s holding you back?! Plan your trip today and make lifetime memories with every new person you meet!

Email me @ [email protected] for travel credit!! You can save up to $100 on the trip you choose!

Here is the magical link that will change your life! Explore the website then the real world! Bon Voyage!

EF Ultimate Break

Memories Captured

Your time is now. Adventure is out there... waiting on you!! :)

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Julie Shaileen
Julie Shaileen

Just a 20 year old girl, living life and trusting God. I have my degree in Baking and Pastries and I love to read, so that means I like to write as well. I’ve traveled to Europe and I plan to keep traveling 😊

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Traveling the World the EASY Way
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