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Unsolved Mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle

Disappearances & Theories

(Map showing location of Bermuda Triangle)

The Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil's Triangle, is located in the Western side of the Atlantic Ocean. Under a number of mysterious and unexplainable circumstances, a significant amount of vessels including aircraft and boats are said to have vanished. 

There are a number of theories associated with these disappearances.


October, 28, 1824: A sailing vessel named the USS Wildcat was lost on course travelling from Cube to Tomkins Island with 14 people known to be on board.

March, 1918: US Navy sailing vessel USS Cyclops vanished at sea without a trace while carrying 306 crew members and passengers. This loss is the single largest loss of life not directly involving combat in naval history.

December, 5, 1945: US Navy group of five bomber planes known as "Flight 19" disappeared, along with the 14 airmen who occupied them. On the very same day, a further 13 airmen were lost on two Martin Mariner Planes (Flying Boat) during their search for Flight 19.

December, 28, 1948: Douglas DST NC16002 disappeared nearing the end of a flight from Puerto Rico to Miami. This vessel carried 3 crew members and 29 passengers.

August, 4, 1969: The Great Isaac Cay Lighthouse keepers were discovered to be missing from their station. The keepers were never found.

Late July, 2015: Two 14 year old boys vanished after sailing off for a fishing trip in their 19-foot boat from Florida to the Bahamas. A year later, after a 15,000 nautical mile wide search by the US Coastguard, the vessel was located on the coast of the Bahamas—but the boys were never seen again.


The legend of the Bermuda Triangle first arose around 1945 when Flight 19 disappeared. The public had begun to realise that there may be something wrong within the triangle area.

Human Error: We are only human, and humans make mistakes, including pilots and sailors. Considering the turbulent weather conditions and swift currents prevail in the area, it can be fairly easy to lose one's way and become lost at sea.

City of Atlantis: Some believe the City of Atlantis lies beneath the waters of the Bermuda Triangle, and argue that the intense energy crystals that were once used to power the city are interfering with aircraft and sea vessel electronics.

Portal: When caught in the portal within the triangle at the wrong time, it is believed that the portal has the ability to trap unknowing victims in another dimension (inter-dimensional time portal transport).

AUTEC: The Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Centre is located in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle at Andros Island, Bahamas. It is where the navy tests out submarines, weapons and sonar—however, some people do not believe that is all they test out.

Methane Gas: Beneath the surface of the triangle lie pockets of Methane gas. If this gas is released, the methane gas could reach the surface and reduce the density of water—consequently causing sea vessels to sink. 

Pirates: Piracy has been a consistent problem in the Bermuda Triangle area for hundreds of years. Some believe it is pirates who should be held accountable for the disappearance of some or all of the sea vessels lost at sea in this region.

More than 1,000 vessels have disappeared in the area over the last couple centuries. There is no single theory that can explain all the disappearances due to the mysterious and different circumstances and unique situations.


Since first becoming a popular topic in the mid-1900s, the mystery has continued to attract more and more attention. There is no denying that hundreds of vessels were lost without a trace—this is a fact. However, it is difficult to determine the different possibilities and outcomes of the missing vessels, and which theories make the most sense.

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Unsolved Mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle
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