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Walt Disney

A Perfect Destination

Many people in my life have asked me why I always return to Disney World, why I don’t spend my holidays in another destination, why Disney, what is so special about that place that makes you return every single time you get the chance. When I get to the moment of answering those questions, I usually use a cliché “IT’S A MAGICAL PLACE.” I know, it sounds as if those word come from a travel magazine, but it is true, it is not a lie. When you go there, you will discover magic, innocence, dreams coming to life, and a place where being in a bad mood is not a possibility.

In this article, I invite you to discover why Disney is a perfect destination and why it has to be in your list of places that you have to visit at least one time in your life.

When you go to Disney, there is something that you start to remember: “EVERYTHING START WITH A DREAM.” You always hear in movies that if you wish upon a star, those dream will come true. This sounds too fairy tale to me, and it is, and when I went to Disney, I could understand the real message behind those words, is not that by wishing it will come true, NO, it means that everything starts with you, your goals, your dreams for your future, and if you work hard enough, that dream will come true. Walt Disney himself says, “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them,” he was a strong man that had a dream. He had to work hard, he failed many times, but he never gave up. His dream kept him on his track and never lost sight of what he wanted, you will be able to see the representation of this message all over the parks, a clear example is in Disneyland watching the Red Car News Boys with Mickey Mouse singing “a suitcase and a dream.”

Another point to highlight is that in Disney World you LET YOUR IMAGINATION FLY FREE. There is a part of you that makes the logic disappear and imagination take place, you start to see everything with a child eye, you are innocent, everything is possible, and fantasy starts to be part of your life. Don’t ask me why, but at the moment you step a foot in that world, you no longer see people in costume, you see the character coming alive, you feel that you are surrounded by your favorite friends, and that finally you have the opportunity to share with them and have an experience beyond imagination.

Third point to emphasize is that in Disney HAPPINESS IS GUARANTEED. Why, you may wonder? Because your problems disappear, you don’t have time to think in your daily routine. That is part of your past, now you are immersed in a place where your only problem is to know when the next show will start, the people that work there always have a smile on their faces, you see the other family laughing and sharing, the environment is so cheerful that is passed on to you. How can you be upset when people are singing in the street, dancing, having fun? The environment is just perfect for you to forget your bad times and start to be part of this world where the stress in no longer in your body.

Fourth point is that Disney offers a variety of attraction that makes it a perfect place to go with your whole family, no matter the age. Everyone will enjoy Disney at their own style, because it's not all about the attractions, but also the landscape, the show Broadway kind, the fireworks, the store, parades, etc. And also it offers assistance for all people. You can find an interpreter for deaf people, wheel chair, and different equipment that allows everyone to feel included at Disney. SEGREGATION IS NOT PART OF DISNEY LANGUAGE.

Finally, and this is a point that I think is for all places that you go on vacation, is that you have the days counted, so you want to make the most of it, since the moment that you get off the plane you know that there is an end date, and at Disney you know that this moment will come, so you don’t want to waste any minute. You know that this is your time to have a great vacation, something unforgettable. This will be your memory that you want to keep in your heart, so you don’t miss any minute to make that moment one that you will remember.

I could keep going, naming points about Disney, but I will not. I want you to experiment them, so stop thinking and go to get that Disney ticket, go and be part of Disney World. Let yourself feel free, let your imagination fly, believe in magic, dream a lot, have fun, laugh, share with your family, and above all, enjoy, because “THESE MEMORIES WILL BE PART OF YOU FOREVER."