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What Makes Disneyland Truly Magical Pt. 2


Hello everyone! Welcome to part two of my articles pertaining to true Disney Magic. In this section, I want to tell you about the "easy to miss" details Tomorrowland has to offer. Jumping right in—Tomorrowland is one of the coolest lands Disneyland has to offer. Storm Troopers roam the walkways, and spaceships whirl through the air! There is a lot to see and do in this part of the park, so you have to really focus your attention while you're there. This land is also one of the most crowded EVER so keep that in mind when you are looking for "magical details." Luckily for you, the first thing on my list you can see while you are in line for Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters. Pretty much all of the plant life in Tomorrowland is edible, and not the "weird herb" kind of edible. The planters are actually little gardens full of kale, jalapeños, tomatoes, carrots, and even a few orange trees. Kind of cool right? Sadly they don't use the vegetables that they grow (I asked). So I'm not saying pick some and get a free lunch but seriously "waste not," right?

Moving right along, did you ever wonder why "Innoventions" has the weirdest doors ever? That's because the outside used to spin. Super future-y. They put a stop to the cool spinny outside door thing due to the crushing of a Cast Member. Unlike Jurassic Park, Disney doesn't bring things back that kill people...usually. Anywho, that was just a fun fact that I personally love to share. As for "Magical Details"...not really any by Innoventions except that the bathroom doors have extraterrestrials on the signs.

STAR TOURS is a whole other story. Okay. I could probably write a whole new post on just rides alone, but as of right now I'm not therefore—THE DETAILS IN STAR TOURS ARE AWESOME! It is so fun in there! If you are in a particularly long line you have to go into this weird room for a while with nothing to look at, but then you are taken into a sort of alien airport. You see C3-PO and R2-D2 working on the diagnostics of the transport you will be taking (and having witty banter while they are at it). Then you walk further through security where you can see yourself being scanned while a silly droid jokes you through the line. In the cargo hold look to your right, to catch a glimpse of the "Hidden Mickey" (anything that has the mickey shape of head and ears) shadow on the wall. Once you get into the ride itself you will have an excellent time, but in my opinion, the queue (fancy language for the line area) is what really brings you into the story. On a side note: If you want more Star Wars experiences in Tomorrowland, you SHOULD be able to see a full-scale X-Wing on the ceiling of the Starcade (if it's still there) and you can build your very own Lightsaber in the shop called Star Trader. This will be true until Star Wars Land is completed, then I'm pretty sure all the merch and such will be moved there. 

To be honest that's all I really have for Tomorrowland. It is a great place to eat, and watch live music, but I am a Fantasyland girl myself, which is next on my list of articles! I hope that this was semi-helpful, if not at least a little fun! "May the Force be With You!" until next time! Bye!

Here's Tomorrowland's Theme Song!

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What Makes Disneyland Truly Magical Pt. 2
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