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What to Do in Branson, Missouri

Branson, Missouri Adventures

Are you in Branson, Missouri, or are planning to be, and find yourself with nothing to do and no plans? Well fear not, I'm here to show you a few fun things you and your family can do to enjoy your time here. As someone who has lived here for eight years, I'm sure I can provide you with all the details to have an unforgettable adventure!

Silver Dollar City

Silver Dollar City is the most popular destination in Branson. You'll never run out of things to do here. It is suited for both adults and children too! Silver Dollar City is set to resemble the "old days" and they sure do succeed. It's a nice and refreshing twist to put on an amusement park. There are tons of things to do here. The most common is probably to ride roller coasters. They offer more than just roller coasters though. You have some pretty nerve racking rides, and thankfully a large amount of calmer rides too. My favorites are water rides. Also offered are a slew of live shows and concerts to watch. In-between rides and shows, you can grab a bite to eat at any of their many restaurants. There are even shops with beautifully crafted items and antiques. This old time twist to a modern amusement park is sure to make your Branson trip exciting!

Table Rock Lake

After a day at Silver Dollar City, you're going to need some relaxation time. Whether that be in the lake floating around, or lounging by the water, the best place to do that is Table Rock Lake. The lake is almost guaranteed to put you in a good mood. How could you go wrong with that gorgeous scenery contrasting against the rippling water? It's relaxing just to see the water, imagine being in it! The absolute best time to go to the lake is right before sun down. There is a complete mood change you experience when that sun dips down into the water as it says its final goodbye for the day. Table Rock Lake is a different experience you will want to have on your trip to Branson.

The Landing

As you're running out of ideas for places to visit, you'll want to remember The Branson Landing! While it's no Silver Dollar City or Table Rock Lake, it IS The Landing. If you've ever visited Branson and you haven't heard of The Landing, perhaps you're not traveling properly. In all honesty, The Landing is just an outdoor mall. But don't let that change your mind about going. This outdoor mall is snuggled right up against a shimmering body of water that flows past The Landing's beginning and end. The Branson Landing is always hosting events, like concerts and craft fairs. Through The Landing are a plethora of retail stores and restaurants. Not in the mood for shopping? Walk along the pathway that's nestled beside the waterway. The mist and breeze from the water are a rejuvenating experience, you'll be sure to have a changed perspective on The Landing.

Are you traveling to Branson, Missouri and you're not sure of what there is to do? Now you do! Silver Dollar City will entertain you for a lifetime. And if not, there's always Table Rock Lake! A beautiful lake should be on everyone's list. As should The Branson Landing. Even though it's a mall, it's a common place for people to go to clear their minds and walk alongside the water. You'll be sure to have an amazing time in Branson, Missouri if you visit at least one of these places!

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What to Do in Branson, Missouri
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