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Where Do Stags Go Celebrating?

Ultimate European Stag Do Cities

The stag do trend is experiencing a shift from indulging debauchery with your mates in some seedy bar to visiting European cities and absorbing the foreign culture. It has become an excellent excuse to go abroad and do something truly unique before tying the knot.

Fellas are no longer focused on getting hammered and losing their last night’s memories in the process. Instead, they crave adventure and excitement—something that traveling can provide.

So where do modern-day stags go celebrating their final days as bachelors?


Start your stag do adventure with the glittering city of Bucharest! A holiday for bachelors in Bucharest can be so amazing due to the variety of thrilling activities that it has in store for you! In the city, you have the most superb nightlife, which is commonly known as the Paris of the east! You will have the experience partying at the most pocket-friendly prices.

Other ventures here include the local female guides that will add the flavor to your visit. You will enjoy the best activities all day long, the VIP lap dance, the extensive shooting, obstinate night bar crawl and also the most amazing rally driving! Stag do holiday in Bucharest can actually be the most satisfying and you will enjoy it to your fullest!


Hamburg really is another stunning city fit for your weekend holidays. Among the best activities offered here are the thrilling party boats, beer biking and the stroll around the St Pauli red light streets, which are always considered to be the safest!

You will enjoy the great nightlife’s at this city in the best venues, such as the Docks and also the Prinzenbarll. All this will be enhanced by the best beer that you will enjoy at the most competitive prices! Strip clubs and classy local women here adds to the beauty of this city! You should note that women here are very beautiful. The outspoken language is fluent so enjoy while it lasts.


Prague has all the best that exist to be in the top stag do cities in Europe! Besides the regular activities in the city, a pub crawls and food delicacies give it an advantage over the other European cities. This is the Mecca for beer lovers!

The nightlife is vibrant, with enough bars and seafood to really enhance your comfort in the city of Prague. Strip clubs, local women and locals who will ensure that every second of your stay at Prague is well utilized!


This is another well-furnished city that will provide you with a variety of activities. It must be in your stag list if you really need a good time in Europe! Gun shooting and many other activities in this city make it a choice. Everyone will look for amenities such as the strip clubs, the bars and importantly the local women and the locals in the area!

Assuredly, the Riga city is large in size and has the best variety of fun. Bars are also well fitted with cheapest options of alcohol, that will surely work well with your stringent budget! You really need not overlook the Riga city since you will also have an easy time conversing with the locals!


Lisbon, being among the best cities in Europe, will also offer you activities such as beer bikes, a nightclub entry with an assurance of a single drink, a rooftop bar crawl and their famous surfing experience around.

Other features that you will find included here are the best clubs, the best stir club and the amazing women! You will also have a sexy wakeup call in the morning to start your day with romance! Include this beautiful city in your stag do list for this season!

In Conclusion

Europe is the best choice for you because it offers the best variety of cities with the most enticing and appealing characteristics. Make the right choice now, and spend your stag do holiday in Bucharest or some of these other amazing cities!

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Where Do Stags Go Celebrating?
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