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Why Are You Ranking: Delaware’s Best One-Level Malls from Strong Showing to First State, First Place

What do you think of the one-level malls of Delaware?

The international symbol of the shopper

Virginia-based street poet and reformed drug dealer Terrence “Pusha T” Thornton (@PUSHA_T) once quipped to Delaware resident and Twitter social engineer @NerdattheCoolTable that the Delawarean comes “from one level malls and Nascar [and that he] will never matter.” Disagreement remains with the “never matter” barb. No matter what store you grab that new t-shirt or chomp on a pretzel in the food court, you will never find a set of escalators or stairs inside the main portion of the mall in the tiny state of Delaware. Despite revolutionizing the shopping landscape in the tax-free-shopping state, the construction companies have yet to devise a second tier to any of the major malls in Delaware. To counter that construction ideal, developers have built around the malls themselves to attract more consumers to spend their dollars. The malls are a metaphor for the state. While it may not be ascending to a high level of state stature in area, the state still beckons shoppers to visit the stores that surround the main malls. Places to dine, places to peruse through major chain bookstores, and places to purchase apparel and other gadgets have cropped up in the three most significant malls in the First State: The Dover Mall in the capital, The Concord Mall in Wilmington, and the Christiana Mall...in Newark? (Some would argue that the mall is actually in Christiana as the name implies, but the mailing address still remains as a location of Newark.) So get your free samples from the Japanese fast food restaurant worker and visit that kiosk laborer peddling the softest pillow for Why Are You Ranking: Delaware’s Best One-Level Malls from Strong Showing to First State, First Place.

It's going, going, gone in Dover.

Sears has been liquidated.

3. Dover Mall

The capital of the Small Wonder State has to offer (what else) a one-level mall that still brings in shoppers in the Kent County area. With six anchor sites, the Dover Mall can be considered a significant place for you to get that latte or pick up those stellar boots. The movie theater and over eighty-five stores offer to the customer the possibilities to select affordable but durable goods. Sporting goods stores and eateries have permitted shoppers with the chance to satisfy their activewear desires and have something ready to quiet rumbling stomachs. Entertainment venues have allowed for the consumer to relax and experience substantial enjoyment in a safe setting. While stores have shuttered, the mall still remains a significant basis for shoppers. As it continues to draw the crowds to offer their smart earned dollars, the Dover Mall continues to be a major player in Delaware as a hub for commerce.

Rank: Strong Showing

It's an anchor...

One of Concord's Main Features

2. Concord Mall

The Wilmington metropolitan area permits people from New Jersey and Pennsylvania to travel to Delaware to purchase goods consumption tax free. Its anchors bring in the dollars for their diversity and affordability. All of the 960,000 square feet which the mall occupies is dedicated to the capitalistic gain of everyone involved. For Wilmingtonians, the ability to travel to a mall in their own backyard prompts people to flock to the single-level complex. From the simple layout to the adjacent strip-mall that offers even more opportunities to pick up that special sweater or pair of basketball shoes, Concord provides its customers the possibility to gain such items in an easy to navigate way. The subtle charm of Concord brings about a sense of being able to acquire new goods under the banner of commercialism. In the Diamond State, this allows for capitalists to invest in the stores and create jobs as a consequence. Winners abound once the mall opens its doors to New Jerseyans, Pennsylvanians, and Delawareans alike to find those great deals.

Rank: Runner Up

The Best Way to Get Quick Japanese Cuisine

Christiana Mall Shoppers Refreshing Themselves

1. Christiana Mall

This sprawling site is the largest in the state and also the largest except for Oregon among the tax-free-shopping states. This commercial powerhouse has been revitalized and has had more facelifts than a fading Hollywood actress. The number of stores that the location has to offer is of paramount importance. Again, folks from out of town are welcome to spend that cash without having to worry about their goods being taxed. While the main site boasts some of the most high-end stores within the tri-state area, the stores and restaurants that remain just outside of the central doors feature multiple eateries and other locations. Again, without a second level, the mall still holds its own as a destination for buying a certain smartphone that happens to place the Delaware shopping center as the number one place for sales of that specific device. With the vast changes which occurred from 2008 and 2009 to 2013-2014, the mall has seen a specialty retailer and movie theater built in a matter of a few years. And to be honest, technically speaking, two of the anchor stores possess two floors. So, take that Mr. T.

Rank: First State, First Place

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Why Are You Ranking: Delaware’s Best One-Level Malls from Strong Showing to First State, First Place
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