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Why Are You Ranking: The Highest Points in the State of Delaware Listed from Not Quite to Just Right

Known as a 'drive through' state, Delaware still has to offer some high points.

Actual Delaware River Stones

Whether you inhabit the state or have just driven through it, you may find that Delaware is one of the flattest states in the Union. With only two significant points of interest regarding heights above sea level, the First State can boast nothing about mountain ranges or peaks. Determined to be amongst the flattest geographic sites in the United States, Delaware would rank third in lowest points if Washington D.C. saw statehood. That part of the country’s lowest point is in Fort Reno and is 429 ft above sea level. So, once again, like Rhode Island being the smallest state in America, Delaware comes up short in regard to taking the first place in geographic terms. But that doesn’t stop people from arguing over what point in Delaware is the highest. Most people would believe that it is Iron Hill. While this certainly is the largest hill in the state, the Delaware Geological Survey has announced that it is indeed not the highest point in the Small Wonder state. The battle over what point is actually the highest is determined through the powers of mathematics and scientific study. The geologists who have discovered the facts represent the explorers of a frontier that has been unchanged for eons. Still, the myths and legends persist. There is a great misconception as to the exact place where the earth rises above sea level the most in Delaware. People will argue day and night about what they feel is the correct answer. Only one answer exists. So, get your U.S. Census Bureau’s Statistical Abstract of the United States for Why Are You Ranking: The Highest Points in the State of Delaware Listed from Not Quite to Just Right.

Delaware State Police protect the second highest point.

This patrol car is a symbol of Delaware's service to elevated locations.

2. Centerville, Delaware

As home to one of the wealthiest families in the nation, the Du Ponts, Centreville serves as one of the most wealthy and prosperous areas in the Diamond State. What makes it so remarkable is the fact that it is a point of contention as to whether it is home to Delaware’s highest point. With the geologists’ assistance, inhabitants of Centerville and the surrounding areas have come to realize that it is in fact the second highest point in the state. Though this may draw ire from residents for having to claim silver in this race to the highest point, the facts remain. At 436 feet, Centerville can at least say that it is one of the uppermost parts of a relatively level state. For Centervillians, they can rejoice at the idea of at least placing among the list of high points in Delaware.

Rank: Not Quite

The Number One Spot

The surrounding area is actually higher.

1. Ebright Azimuth

Geologists have found that there is a place in Delaware with the highest point. Now, not to dash hopes, it’s nowhere near the majestic grandeur of Denali in Alaska. The debate is finalized but has a few quirks in it. Where the benchmark sits, the elevation is 447.85 feet above sea level. However, due to findings of contour lines adjacent to the benchmark, scientists have concluded that there exist heights up to 450 feet just west of where the benchmark rests. The technology and instruments utilized to finalize the notion that the benchmark monument on Ebright Road is the highest point in the state is like saying that the state is the tallest midget. (“That’s not politically correct, forget it” see Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter.) Arguments can now be settled. The idea of the second smallest state not having the first highest low point further demonstrates that Delaware must find other ways for it to stand out from the crowd. But it should always be remembered for its top prize in elevation above the sea on Ebright Road.

Rank: Just Right

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Why Are You Ranking: The Highest Points in the State of Delaware Listed from Not Quite to Just Right
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