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Why Iceland Should Be Your Next Vacation Destination

Beyond the pop-culture appeal, Iceland has much to offer its guests. Here are a few activities you are sure to enjoy during your trip to the land of Ice and Fire.

Avid fans of the hit Game of Thrones television series know that Iceland’s breathtaking scenery plays a major role in its global success. The names that grace Iceland’s houses may not be the Starks or Umbers, but on a trip to this Nordic nation, you can certainly feel as though you are wandering a part of Westeros, the fictional land created by George RR Martin.

Filming Locations

With breathtaking views of sun-hit snow-capped mountains, this magical island is home to foxes, deer, and if your imagination runs wild, rare direwolves. Whether it be natural landscapes or major scenes in the Game of Thrones series, you can see—and learn—about the different filming locations through a guided Game of Thrones Tour. Discover the cavern Jon Snow and wildling Ygritte swam in, and visit the Vale’s Bloody Gate inspired by Oxararfoss Trail.

Natural Scenery

For those who enjoy spending the day outdoors, you can take a hike to Vatnajökull National Park which was established in 2008. There, you can visit Dettifoss, the largest and most powerful waterfall in Europe. You and your family can also view the melting glaciers, which are part of an ecological project to protect the environment against climate change.

The rocky cliffs that lead to the Bloody Gate in the Eyrie can be found in Thingvellir National Park. At the park, you can enjoy scenic hiking trails in addition to camping sites that lay near a calming lake. For those who like to saddle up, you can take a horse through the trails and camp out under the stars.

If you plan your vacation later in the year, you can enjoy the tales about the sons of trolls—the Yule Ladsabout—13 days before Christmas. Bundle up by the fire at night and learn about all the mischief they got themselves into.

Relaxing Experiences

The people in the North know winter comes harsh and can last for years. That doesn’t mean you have to hide inside. There are many hidden gems within the rocks and snow of Grjotagja which can be discovered in the land beyond the Wall. Below the rocky terrain is an underground pool that once beckoned Jon Snow and Ygritte into its waters. You, too, can enjoy a soak here.

Natural springs can also be accessed and enjoyed to relieve built-up stress. Myvatn, also known as the Northern Lights capital of Iceland, is a popular destination for these natural pools.

Visitors can also take in some wildlife as they search for some of Iceland’s popular birds, including the greylag goose, the puffin, and the gyrfalcon.

Whether you hail from the North, the Vale, or elsewhere in the world, there is something to take delight in within the country of Iceland. It’s no surprise why so many vacationers are choosing Iceland as their go-to destination. 

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Why Iceland Should Be Your Next Vacation Destination
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